Mar 28 2008

The Task

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On April 15, 1997 I was driving along the highway towards La Pine, Oregon to pray over the region of Central Oregon from a point that had been identified to me as the “the South Gate.” Suddenly the anointing and presence of the LORD came over me, and a mantle filled the skies which was lowered and placed around me. It was gleaming white satin with a gold cross on the back, and it was lined with FIRE. There then appeared a crown of thorns which was positioned upon my head along with another object related to the commission that was delivered into my heart. The anointing was so strong that tears streamed down my face, and I found it necessary to pull the car off to the side of the road. The spiritual commission was of such an astounding nature I knew I must continue on to the South Gate and humbly, verbally accept this call, for if I did not, the enemy could conceivably rob me with his lies

I told the LORD I received the commission along with the crown of thorns and suffering I was given to know were inherent conditions, and that evening I was led to drive out into the desert to a high place called Pine Mountain which had long been my special “altar,” and there I jubilantly danced before the LORD embracing His call to me once again. It was a spiritual and hidden task.

I had sensed this would be done in approximately three years, close to the turn of the century, but I became aware of a vast acceleration of time, and soon heard this commission was to take place that year. . .1997. I had also believed it was to be done in natural Jerusalem, and I obediently made plans for the trip; funds had been sovereignly made available to me. Yet the LORD chose to dismantle those plans at the last minute and showed me He had only required my obedience and a willingness to sacrifice much.

By a certain spiritual narrowing which is difficult to explain, I was given the exact date on which this was to be done. . .June 21, 1997 at dawn.. This is the date of my son Brian’s birth; it is the summer solstice (the longest day of the year), and this year there was a full moon along with a sky that seemed to lack all starlight. If these STARS (which were hidden) represent eternal celestial spirits, it could be the hour in which they have entered human vessels for their work in the days ahead.. I was again given to see a type of narrowing in the realm of the Spirit with a lesser light going towards this date and a GREATER LIGHT coming forth after it. A brother in Christ reported that many prophets had been called to natural Jerusalem at this particular time. Although this is somewhat “old order,” I felt it had significance.

A great oppression came over me during the days preceding the mission. Although I felt bright and expectant within, there was tremendous heaviness over me. I was given to see that Satan had released all of the hordes of hell upon me, and they were being sent from all four directions. My spirit remained alive, but my body grew weaker and weaker as I fasted in preparation, and my emotions became quite deadened. It seemed all but my spirit had died as in a type of spiritual crucifixion.

On the eve of the mission (June 20, 1997), I sank into a chair and began to rest in the LORD. Even in this state of weariness, the LORD JESUS came to me with tremendous tenderness and love. He began to push my hair back from my face and gazed at me telling me how lovely I looked to Him. He then gave me a holy kiss which was so anointed it carried me. . .along with Him. . .to the FATHER. Together we stood FACE to FACE with GOD, the eternal FATHER.

And FATHER spoke, “Daughter,”(long pause here) and then, “Daughter, you are here.” He seemed overwhelmed and almost speechless, and His voice struck my heart. Then it seemed He began to laugh a little. . .there were hints of joy. . .but then great sobs issued forth from the HOLY HEART.. . .the CENTER of the UNIVERSE. The FATHER wept in huge gasping sobs which shook the worlds. As He sobbed I sensed He was recalling the eternities He had waited for me.

I had never seen anything even approaching this kind of display of emotion. And I am only one, I thought. . .just one of His. . .and I was awestruck by FATHER’S yearning for us. . .His years and years and years of LONELINESS and EMPTINESS.

The FATHER seemed almost out of control with this incredible show of PASSION, and I envied His ability to feel in this way. At that time I felt totally un-loving and unlovable and could only ask heart to Heart for just a small measure of His LOVE and COMPASSION. He continued weeping and sobbing saying, “Daughter. . .daughter. . .as any loving father would do who had been separated from his child for so many years and finally been reunited..

“Father,” (I could speak a little now) “please teach me how to love the way You do. . .please.”

Father continued to speak to me now: “Daughter, this thing you are about to do. . .do you know you were appointed from the beginning to. . .(this part is to remain sealed..) I want you to really know this.” The FATHER begins sobbing again, and the convulsions issuing forth from His tears shook me. “It means so much to Me.” He went on. “It means more of Mine will come to Me. . .will return. Your obedience makes a WAY. You make a WAY of ESCAPE for my elect. You and JESUS will . . .(sealed). . . .

Father too seems to take His “hands” and lay them on the sides of my face. He said, “I chose you well for My Son, Child. I chose you well. You are HIDDEN and seemingly unlikely. . .you have been obedient. Oh Diana (great sobbing tears), THE HOUR HAST COME AT LAST. It hast truly come!”

He hands an object to JESUS, and JESUS and I turn in the direction of Earth.. He is on my right, and we descended down a golden staircase in the spiritual realm.. The object which JESUS carries in His right hand is like unto a FIERY BIRTH CANAL which will reach down into the Earth and move about the Earth to draw certain soul-spirits up to God.. It is FIRE, and only those PREPARED by the HOLY SPIRIT will step into the FIRE at this time. It is a FIRE BIRTH. . .drawing these souls with incredible rapidity and force upward from the WOMB of the Earth. I watch. . .advanced in time. . .as this great Pillar of FIRE sweeps across the Earth drawing certain souls out of the Earth realm into the Eternal Realms.

I see that if one steps into this FIRE CHUTE, that soul will be drawn up to GOD, but if one fails to step in when it comes, that one WILL BE LEFT.


I arose at 3:30 to fulfill my commission. It was the TASK I knew I had been sent to Earth to do. All I could see or experience was the great anguishing TEARS of GOD. My vision was so narrowed, I went under total control and DIVINE GOVERNMENT out east of town approximately thirty miles to a remote place in the desert. The Sun would rise at 5:23 AM. The moon was FULL in the western sky, and it was beginning to get light as I drove east. I was led to a dirt road off of the main highway and (dressed in my wedding dress) got out of the car to fulfill the commission at the exact moment of the RISING SUN. The entire universe became for me the HEART of the FATHER, and along these cavernous heart-walls were those great tears. And now the HEART went into mighty contractions. . .TRAVAILING. . .and then time itself seemed to stop for me. It was as if I had entered some kind of STILL POINT as I stood between the full moon and the RISING SUN with the object JESUS had been carrying in my right hand. . .dressed in my wedding dress in the center of GOD’S HEART. In a way my very being seemed to become frozen and preserved in that exact POINT in ETERNITY, and in that stance I performed my TASK.

Slowly and reluctantly I drove back to town. It appeared very dark and very dead. I returned to my office, pulled the pleated shades, and went into a trance-like state for the next several days. It was as if the LORD had placed me in a TOMB, but my spirit was in heaven watching as He showed me many things. I still felt almost nothing, although a great depression washed over me. . .as if to return to the realm of darkness and limitation was simply more than I could bear. And so I lay in “my box” and watched. . . .

On the way home from the desert, the LORD had placed a type of membrane around me and told me I would no longer be part of the earth realm. I might be walking in the flesh in the dark realm, but there was a membrane and a seal over me that prevented me from interacting with it except as called to minister. I recalled the days following JESUS’ resurrection as He appeared to a FEW. . .He was not yet ascended to the FATHER. He was between the realms, and that is what I felt, positioned in a type of spiritual “no man’s land.” I knew I was still in a place where defilement was very possible for I was not yet ascended nor even resurrected. I could not even bear to look out of the window and see this realm… not at this time. During that season nothing here could bring me any joy or satisfaction. . .absolutely NOTHING.


On Sunday morning (June 22, 1997), I awoke in the LIVING PRESENCE of FATHER. Although I was unable to see Him clearly, it was an interior knowledge of Him that seemed to be literally breaking my heart. He is so utterly tender and LOVING. I stand before His Throne among many saints and angels who are worshiping Him, and I see it is His LOVE that causes. . .brings forth. . .this worship. The FATHER is utterly adore-able. His Presence causes ADORATION. There is the purity of a child about Him. There is clearly nothing, absolutely nothing, prideful, malicious, conniving, manipulative, etc. He is Himself absolute PURITY and SIMPLICITY. All acts of wrath are pure. These acts of wrath and judgments are as an holy axe which issue forth to sever the death and mortality from His beloved children..

Those standing before His most holy Throne were begging the Father for more and greater and harsher judgment that they might be rid of their impurities and enter into this most adorable One ~ even our GOD. There is nothing, NOTHING to fear about our LOVING ONE, except denying Him the one thing for which He longs with a passion beyond our human understanding. . .HIS CHILDREN. There simply is no greater love. “The fear of the Lord” means to fear failure to return to Him in purity and completion.

I was given to see very clearly that He is not a mighty harsh ruler. He is a ruler of great meekness and lowliness and tenderness. His Heart is sensitive beyond our wildest imaginings. When He must deny us our selfish petitions, it brings Him incredible pain.

What we know as GOD’S wrath is in reality an outpouring of His mercy. Judgment and mercy are not two separate entities; they are ONE, and that one thing flows from LOVE, for Father’s Heart ANGUISHES to have us back. This is the LOVE of I Corinthians 13 upon which we should all be meditating day and night.

The Father asks me to put away all religious ideas and teachings. What prideful little arrogant children we are when we jump around and claim things for ourselves which might be outside of His ordination.. I saw that GOD would actually honor our little petitions from time to time to bring us to a more broken state. HE WILL DO ANYTHING IT TAKES TO HAVE US! ! Can we even begin to comprehend this? Will this knowledge break us? And yet, it is only the HOLY SPIRIT Who can unveil our blind eyes and open our deaf ears and our heart-windows to see, understand , and truly know this Creator Who is beyond description.. WHO ELSE CHOSE TO WATCH HIS ONLY SON SUFFER AN ANGUISHING DEATH? FOR US? And for any who may still think or hope or believe there is any other DOOR to the FATHER, may the grace and knowledge of GOD wash over him and clear his mind forever. The SON, JESUS CHRIST, is the ONLY WAY!

I lay on my sofa whispering. . .”Your glory, LORD, is Your LOVING SIMPLICITY. . .”

I am then beckoned to turn from the GLORY, which is GOD, to gaze out over the Crystal Sea. It is vast. . .seemingly endless…without boundaries, and upon it are souls in various stages of completion. They appear quite passive and are being brought forth by prayer and the workings of the HOLY SPIRIT. Each prayer is represented by a color, and each soul is encompassed by a “cloud of color.” As the prayers go forth from those above and those below, the color enshrouding each soul becomes more vivid, and they are moved along with greater speed. The LORD says to never think of our “unsaved departed ones” as in an eternal hell, for those very thoughts would hold back their progression.

So these souls enshrouded in literal colored clouds fill the Crystal Sea, and the entire effect is one of a rainbow ~.Father’s covenant with them. Each soul has an angelic spirit assigned to it, and yet I perceived that it could take millions of years for a soul to finally traverse the Sea and return to GOD. Those souls who are able, by GOD’S GRACE, to overcome in the Earth realm (deny their self lives completely) will fly over the Crystal Sea and return to GOD.

Other souls who were closer to overcoming but not yet perfected were taken to a type of paradise and held in mansions, and these mansions were together in clusters or villages. As a soul overcomes in one cluster or village, he/she is carried to another and another. The villages too were covered with various colored clouds, and all of this movement and progression was being accomplished by the Hand of the loving Creator Who rules with a pure, just LOVE. I saw so clearly there can be no “ruling and reigning” without the COMPLETION, for rulership flows from brokenness

The FATHER then appears to me as a large MOUNTAIN which looks volcanic. I watch as souls pass through this mountain and are blown out of the top. Each time a soul is passed through the FIRE of GOD he/she emerges in a greater PURITY. (Although there is not male or female in heaven, I did see masculinity and femininity.)

I was then taken into the center of this “holy mountain of GOD.” Within a large circle was the eternal Melchizedek Priesthood, and they were FIRE BEINGS seated with their great High Priest JESUS. I was placed beside JESUS as His Bride. This eternal group of spirits (at least in this particular positioning) consisted or pure FIRE, and they could merge together in clusters of two or three or even as a corporate group. The more who merged, the greater was their intensity or POWER. As the Priesthood merged, it sent up various messages to angelic ministers and warriors above. The Priesthood thought only the thoughts of the Creator. . .the Creative Mind of the Universe which governs the Mind of JESUS and the entire Melchizedek. The movements and workings of the Priesthood within GOD’S Heart govern the universe. All movings and directives flow from here.

I watched as various warring battalions of angels encircled the holy mountain awaiting directives for commissions over nations, people, groups, governments, worlds, and galaxies. Other ministering angels would receive directives for one soul. The size of the commission is irrelevant. Each soul is like unto an entire nation to FATHER. I saw that the Priesthood were all “married” to one another ~ being of one heart and one mind with their High Priest JESUS. (The complete answer to JESUS’ prayer, “That they all may be ONE.”)

Whereas I had once been seated as the LORD’S Bride, I was thereafter placed by the Spirit in a little orchard someplace in this vast Kingdom. There I wore relatively unbecoming garments (utterly simple), and I loved GOD with all of my heart as I daily picked fruit off of the trees growing in this orchard. I saw and felt and experienced at heart level that the FATHER of Light, Love, and LIFE adored me here. He adored me here unnoticed in the orchard every bit as much as He adored the Bride, the eternal Spouse of His Own Son JESUS.

He loves each and every one as if he/she were the only one! Who can fathom these things except they be revealed by His most Holy Spirit Who searches GOD’S HEART and returns with the mysteries unveiled to us as we are prepared to receive and honor them.
Hallelujah! Let us all adore Him, denying our SELVES and our WILLS moment to moment so He alone may be glorified. Dear GOD, please give us the needed GRACE!!

Although I was eventually taken out of this trance-like state in order to eat and perform my daily tasks, I walked around for weeks barely able to speak and weeping slightly from a new interior knowledge and deep understanding of the unfathomable LOVE of GOD. After all, I had been graced with a personal encounter with HIM. I give Him so much praise. I was never to doubt that my commission was truly ordained, and I hold those days within my heart as a priceless, eternal TREASURE. A great JOY finally emanated from me. . .a deeper level of the JOY of the LORD.

In gratitude…His eternal bond slave,

diana summers

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  1. Constanceon 18 Nov 2010 at 7:39 pm

    Oh Diana, this was such a wonderful gift to me and I will treasure it and read it over and over again! So much has been made clear but also so my many shortcomings and longings to be better prepared.
    This tremendous love and passion – I’ve tasted just a little of it but nothing like this visit to the eternals realm. It’s a daily coming to the chambers of the Lord to be sustained and surrounded by His love. But in the beginning of my walk, He took my love with tremendous urgency and I couldn’t eat or sleep for about 10 days. It was all on this earthly realm, but in my Spirit. I can’t wait to read the whole site!

  2. LINDA EDWARDSon 18 Nov 2010 at 8:25 pm


    I was with you on Van Tanner tonight. I hav been through this
    fire baptism. I had asked the Lord to consume me with His Holy
    fir about a year ago. I do not journal like you do but I wish I did.
    I am working on that. I have had many very spiritual experiences with
    Father and Jesus. He called me out of the churches about 15 years

    He called me His Bride 30 years ago and told me to quit going to church for He desired to teach me Himself. I have been through much
    heartache and many decisions that the Lord trained me in to become
    like His Son Jesus Christ. I LOVE HIS Word and His Son and He gives
    me dreams and revealtion of Him and His Word. Thank you for
    sharing this and there is much more than this as you know realtionship
    with Father is an ongoing revealtion.

    I dreamed I was standing on a porch at a large white house years ago. There was a pasture out front and a transformer box. All of the sudden the atmosphere changed and began sparkling and a bolt of
    energy HIT the transformer box and I heard Father say, “You can fly now!”. I lifted into the air and began flying and I was and eagle. As I did I yelled in joy at all below saying “You can fly now!” They would look up and say,
    “we do not know how”. I flew down and picked them up and put them on my back and showed them….one at a time.

    Well, there are many more dreams, visions, words and revealtions and there are so many since then. But I know my mission is to help
    teach the Overcomers…Son’s of God.

    Thanks again and I look forward to reading more. I just read “The Task”.

    Holiness unto us, for He is Holy and so are we…called according to His purpose. I had no idea it would be so long for some to come to Him….
    He will slay all with His Holy Love though…no one can resist His love…

    Linda Edwards

    Well, there is much more but I knew

  3. Constanceon 19 Nov 2010 at 6:22 am

    Way to go, Linda, thanks for your description of one of your dreams!
    It was similar to mine, but I didn’t pick them up one at a time!
    Love, Constance
    DianaDear: Linda and I met through Van and have been corresponding for over a year. I have really grown through knowing her, and I know I’m going to grow from knowing YOU! Bless you dear Sister, this is a brand new path! Love unfathomable —- C

  4. bettyon 19 Nov 2010 at 3:11 pm

    Dear Diana, Thank you for sharing your wonderful encounters. On July 12, 1998 i had an encounter with the King of glory for 8-10 earth hours. Our holy Bridegroom is returning in His eternal Bride. Thank you for so eloquently describing the true realities of His Kingdom. My heart’s desire is to be with Him and worship Him forever and ever. Love, b

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