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Dec 20 2008


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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

For those of you who wish to become acquainted with mystic Jane Leade or read more of her writings, please go to Another sister, Diane Guerrero, is passionately writing up Jane’s works with indexing and cross referencing features numbering each paragraph. Her website will be Many have been asking about a source for these writings, and now Father has been faithful to provide. Diane will also be sending out hard copy free of charge to any who ask as soon as she has established a PO box. I shall keep you up to date on that.

I am currently working on my second book Walking in the Wings of GLORY. This work covers years of my personal experiences with the LORD on both sides of the veil. With this going on along with a flu type illness that has taken a definite liking to me, I have unfortunately not been focused on the website. Please be patient, and I do ask for prayers as you are led for anointing on the book which is now in a rough form within the covers of a loose leaf binder.

For those of you who are new to this site, I also send out a daily inspirational message to any who request it. Please email me at

Thank you for your patience, and God bless you as you enjoy Jane Leade.

In His LOVE,


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