Jan 12 2008

Solitary Rider

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THE STORY OF “SOLITARY RIDER”Solitary Rider by Diana Summers

“Solitary Rider” is a book that miraculously evolved out of several years of intimate prayer sessions with JESUS and communion with our heavenly Father. During these precious hours, I would be given experiences with the LORD, prophetic Words, and poetry for which I had the grace to write as it flowed under a heavy anointing. The entries came naturally down the center of the page, a form that I was later to understand was that of ancient Hebrew writings.

I was living a very solitary life at the time having been guided out of the church system. When I went out to do errands, I would actually place a type of spiritual bubble around myself to preserve my intimate place with JESUS.

One day as I was dressing, the LORD said, “You will be writing a book entitled “Solitary Rider.” I, of course, thought that was impossible and besides it was not even a Christian title! A few days hence, however, the title poem was birthed from our prayer time, and I began to think this writing might be established by HIM.

Much more time went on during which I enjoyed the sweetest days of my life as I was so completely enmeshed in the Godhead. It seemed that I ceased to exist apart from Them. These writings continued to flow until another day the LORD whispered the ending of this magnificent work into my heart. It involved the dispensation of my beloved horse with whom I had shared my journey, and I wept and wept with great tears of sadness, awe, and JOY as I knew the implications of this happening.

This is a book written about a very deep intimacy with Jesus Christ which led to this “rider’s” ultimate union with God. It essentially describes our entire Christian walk from salvation through childhood, adulthood, and unto COMPLETION.

The style is simple and very readable, and the entries make me (and others) weep, as I continually re-read them knowing they simply did not come from me but rather flowed through me directly from the Holy Spirit. I remained a very happy but passively and passionately yielded vessel to whom this work was sovereignly given.

“Solitary Rider” will take you on a journey into the Secret Place of the Most High, and once you have traveled with me, you will never want to leave this place of communion and union with God. You shall indeed be ruined for the things of this world.

The book was discovered by Eric Bollinger of Sligo Press and published in 1997. He his quest for acknowledgments he asked me who, of all the people in the world, I would most like to hear from, and without hesitation I said, “Mother Teresa of Calcutta.” “Ric” wanted to wait until the book was actually published before sending it to her, but one evening while in deep prayer, the LORD brought her to me leaning heavily on His arm. She was so frail but we communed heart to heart, and I was given to KNOW that her days on earth were indeed limited. Thus I told my publisher that we must send the book in its manuscript form to her in India. Within weeks a letter arrived from Calcutta, and her words to me appear on the back cover. What a GIFT! Several weeks later, Mother Teresa went home to be with her Beloved.

It is my earnest prayer that as many as possible will be blessed by this supernatural work which can be read through once or twice and then kept as a devotional. As a published work a contract is involved and the price set at $19.95. All other materials on my website are freely given from the heart of God. It is my feeling that by giving up a few bottles of soda or bags of chips, just about anybody can save up enough money to purchase a work which has been acclaimed a “Christian Classic,” first by God to me and now by men. May you be eternally blessed by this inspired writing.

Read an in depth interview with Diana as she explains her reasons why she felt compelled to write this book. Sense the anointing with which she uncovers the heart of love our Bride Groom has for us, His Bride and how He desires to simply share a growing intimacy with His own and through the consummation of our union bring the Kingdom of God into the earth.

To order this book, “Solitary Rider” please simply send me a request using the REPLY form below, or go to AMAZON.COM. Thank you!

(If you can send a donation to cover postage, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!)

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  1. Katherine Dardenon 09 Jan 2009 at 12:51 pm

    I would like to order a copy of your book “Solitary Rider”. Please advise. Thanks KD

  2. SolitaryRideron 09 Jan 2009 at 10:06 pm

    Dear Katherine ~ Thank you for your interest in “Solitary Rider.” I was just reading it today as was so blessed. Simply e-mail me with your address at heartoftheeagle@gmail.com, and I will send you a book for the publisher’s purchase price of $19.95.

    Where are you in the south?

    May the LORD bless you richly…diana summers

  3. Lahadi Demshakwaon 18 Nov 2009 at 1:11 pm

    I would like to read a copy of your book Solitary Rider. I live and work in Nigeria. My mailing address is P.O.Box 7032 Anglo-Jos, Jos Plateau State.
    I got to know about you through the Web link from Elaine Cooke. Elaine has been a mother to me for more than 3 years now. I am hungry for the Lord, and would like to feed my mind with information and materials that can satisfy this hunger. How might I send you money for postage?
    God bless

  4. SolitaryRideron 21 Nov 2009 at 5:13 pm

    i am so sorry that i am currently out of books. kindly write me in about six months and i should have them as should Amazon.com, etc. sending abundant blessings in the Lord, and please feel free to write me if you’d like. diana summers

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