Nov 08 2010


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i found myself in a very dark place…
but the LOVE of our Father there
was simply overwhelming.
it felt as if electricity were surging
throughout my body…
those power surges that go
right into your solar plexus and
cause you to bend down.
it perplexed me that is was so dark
but then i heard
“a Secret Place of the most High.”
this satisfied me…


all became light
as if the walls of a room or chamber
had been rolled back.
the light was filtered through
a glory mist
laced with the most exquisite colors
i have ever seen.
the mist moved all around me.
i stood there charged with God
in an even greater wonder
and delight.


i began to hear singing
these were angelic voices, and their
song was like something in

i was intrigued that they seemed
so far beneath me
they seemed to be
rejoicing with me.

i lifted my arms up as high
as they would go
and worshiped Jehovah

for i knew
this was part of
the preparation
His Daughter
some unique
and special

then all was quiet
as i rested in the Lord…
but I smiled as
a deep PEACE
flooded my
entire being.

all glory and honor
and praise
to You
sweet Jesus
and Father.


this is a translation experience.
as we have both a body of flesh and
a spirit body.
the Holy Spirit can take us to
many distant places for
purposes of His own.
i might be graced with this
particular gift,
but if I had no LOVE,
nor faith,
nor peace, joy,
it would all

i share these things with you
simply to encourage you to
ask the Lord for all of the gifts
and to be so intimate
with Jesus
that you will continue to grow
higher and higher
and deeper and deeper into
for this will take you
into full



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2 Responses to “Preparation”

  1. Constanceon 19 Nov 2010 at 6:14 am

    Yes! I so want this experience too. After I read your two articles last night, I was aware of a difference within me – a sort of gentle sizzling, can’t be described. Now this morning, it’s still there, and I feel that it’s not too late for me. I’m all tingly and hopeful that God will take me to His heavenly places, whatever they may be.
    Just reading your anointed writings makes me know that nothing in this world is as important to me as knowing God in this way. I don’t know how to get there, but I MUST! Help me, Lord, here I AM.
    Diana Dear – have you any suggestions?

  2. Juliette Britton 05 Jan 2013 at 7:26 am

    I too felt this tingly, never felt that inyears , when a brother first introduced me to the deeper meanings and understanding with our Lord, what is that feeling???? I am a first nation canadian woman…and I am just discovering who I am because of my adoption…Is it wrong to find out about your culture ??? Many Christians feel it’s wrong, but I feel good whenI smudge with sage …My native blood makes me feel good when I do this am I wrong by smudging the jews did it with insences could you help me with this??? alot of my christain brothers and sisters that are native tell me that it is okay please help me …???

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