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Mar 29 2010

The Scent of the Wolf

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The Scent of the Wolf

It is time for us to sharpen up our noses (discernment) for our enemy still stalks the camp. This is a strong warning for anyone enjoying this website. As we become increasingly lost in God and are anointed with the fragrance of His beauty and His love, we become highly attractive to the wolves (sin in any form wearing a myriad of masks) who are encircling the sheepfold. Some of us have ascended to such heights and depths in Jesus Christ that we totally trust that we are immune from attack or deception and thus feel out of harm’s way. But this is NOT TRUE my brothers and sisters. Great writers throughout history have reported how the Lord will allow the enemy to attack us to bring us to our knees in humility and repentance lest pride and self righteousness reign within our hearts. Right now the enemy would love nothing more than to snatch us when we are very close to union with God and ascension into the higher realms. As long as there is a shred of flesh alive in us, the evil one can gain a foothold ~ and it is usually in one of those areas in which we have really struggled. He will lure us with his lies (just as he did Eve) until we find ourselves rationalizing and even defending his arguments. And this can all happen very innocently…we are simply caught off guard. All of a sudden we are off to the slaughter! Loving brothers and sisters might even warn us, but we are by then too worn down without even knowing it. Sometimes these are people who enter our lives wearing sheep’s clothing and at other times they are unseen spirits. However they enter they can seem so good, so right … even so wonderful!
Before we know what is happening, the wolf has usurped the position of our Lord. Yes, we now bow to the will of the enemy thinking that this could even be sent from God. The Lord is merciful, however, with those who have been faithful for a prolonged period of time. Something will go wrong with the plans of the enemy so that God in His sovereignty can lift us out of the mire in which we find ourselves. We will not emerged unharmed, however, and it might take a prolonged period of time for healing and restoration to occur…or…at other times we simply need to repent and go on. The Lord was there all along, and He will meet us as we emerge from our transgressions. Sometimes we have been led down this path of sin because the evil one seems to be able to inflict us with something akin to an opiate or ether until we are so drugged we fall for his ploy. It takes a while for that cloud of ether to lift so that we can begin to see, to retrace our footsteps and understand where our weakness was.
Brothers and sisters, BEWARE!! Be VIGILANT. STAND GUARD and BE ALERT watching for traps at all times. Let us examine ourselves for potential areas of weakness. Is it an old addiction? Is it lust, greed, loneliness, isolation, or pride? The list goes on, but we each know ourselves, and the Holy Spirit will help us as we attempt to “clean house.”
Oh most Holy Spirit help us to truly see those areas in our lives that still need to be sanctified. Open our senses in order to be aware of evil however subtle. And if we are stolen, bound, and used up, please be quick to restore us to right standing with Jesus and His Body.
I was listening to someone preach a message several weeks ago, and in it he said, “The best gift I can give you is my holiness.” Why would this be so? Because when one of the elect has fallen, the entire house of the living stones is weakened. So we not only have an obligation to ourselves to be wary and to walk in purity, we owe it to the beautiful brothers and sisters we love.

Yours in Jesus,


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