Mar 24 2009

A Sister’s Precious Dream

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I had a dream that I was in a house, but it wasn’t the house we now live in; in fact, we never did live in a house that was like the one in my dream. It wasn’t a mansion, but simply a regular house. In it my youngest son was with me, and I was just washing dishes and cleaning up, when I was made aware in a very deep way that the Lord was covering “this house” above, all around, and even beneath with thick clouds of Himself. These clouds were not going anywhere, but just surrounding the whole house, very thick. I was made to know that Father wanted something of me, and He wasn’t moving until I fulfilled whatever it was he wanted. So, I asked my son to go look out the windows to see if he could “see the Lord.” He went and looked out, but reported, “I can only see the thick clouds.”

Well, the pressure was becoming so heaped upon me that I stood in the middle of the kitchen and living area and felt a great longing in me, and said to myself, “I must see the Lord; if I die, I die, but I MUST SEE HIM!” My heart was longing so much to see, not just clouds, but HIM. So, as soon as this thought came to my mind, the front door of our house opened up on its OWN. I walked towards the opening, and suddenly noticed a bright light had encircled the threshold of the front door, and extended beyond in what appeared to be about 12 feet or so. It was a perfect circle, simply perfect, and filled with such a brilliant light. All was still, very still. Then I walked to the threshold of the door, and suddenly the most blazing electrical brightness descended down into the lesser circle of light. This great blazing light made the first light appear as almost nothing! Inside the blazing light, but yet very much “was” the blazing brilliance, was our Father God. He was in the form of a man, but He was not a man at all, only in slight form; but His being was so powerful and made of trillions of particles of electricity.

As He appeared, coming out from Him were powerful points of moving light, like lightning strikes moving in and out, and could not be contained. My heart melted with a love I have never known before, and I cried, “Father, Father.” I knew He was our Father, and nothing in heaven or earth, nor anywhere in the universe, was there a more powerful being, Then I woke up.

Even thinking about this unveils a place in me that makes me to know something so powerful that I can’t speak of it, for I don’t know yet what it is. Isn’t that strange? I know each one of us (who are the sons) are “not from here”; we have come from a different place, and it all has to do with a plan so great in scope that we can’t begin to imagine.


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Colleen Bilyew

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I truly extend my thanks to Colleen who consented to have this very personal, intimate, and moving experience placed on this website for you to “enjoy.” Anyone who has been almost physically touched by the Father will be able to fully understand the power of this dream. For all others, it is my prayer that it will instill longing for an encounter of some kind with the Father of LOVE, LIGHT, and LIFE.

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  2. Barbara Triggon 29 Mar 2010 at 3:53 pm

    I have had many many dreams. This is new to me sharing them on line like this. I saw my daughter in a coffin dead. .three days later the police find her. Iam raising her three children. My dad died my mom took her life on Thankgiving. My daughter My brother . They all have come to me and my dreams or my daughter talks to me . I didnt belive it at frist but she would tell me something and it would happen. I have travel in the spirit to help people. I have been walking and this for a long time over 20years maybe more. I went to a church for 12 years Grace Gosple Benny Skinner was the pastor now is son is they all belive this word.Iam new with this compter. My spelling keeps me from writing Iam sure you can see this. I work for the sheiff office Iam a school crossing guard.Thank God that I dont work in the office. Iam for real . I love my Job Iam able to show the love of god to so many people.God has done so many wonderful things for me. My cup is running over I have so much to say.

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