Mar 31 2009

A New Language

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In recent weeks I have been discouraged as I was receiving fewer Words from the Lord. Yesterday, however, the glory of God fell upon me, and I did one of my favorite things…danced in the Spirit to worship Him fully. This always brings down the anointing for me. Sometime in the night He began to show me a picture of the entwining of our sprits…our spirit with His Spirit. Indeed it looked very much like the photos we see of the DNA which is actually in the form of a cross. The implication was that the union of spirits ran all the way through this DNA…through our entire beings! He was saying that we are so close now that words as we know them would become obsolete, and we would be hearing Him more by knowings, risings and fallings of the Spirit, nudges, pressures, and many other things which escape my memory. . .new things. The most important thing that He conveyed was that we would often simply be doing that which He was doing within us and that His emotions would over-shadow our own! We would simply find ourselves in His will because we are soon to enter full union with Jesus and Father. I know that we have each experienced the things listed above, but this is to be something so complete that we can literally go as the wind…as born again children (Sons) of God. Oh hallelujah! Furthermore, this language is to be used to communicate with one another as we shall need it in the perilous days ahead. Our prayers for each other are becoming even more powerful now no matter what the distance as the Christed Body is becoming a singular unit. We must remember that in an even greater measure what affects us affects the whole House of the Living Stones. If we sin, the entire House is disturbed…grieved…lacking in perception of the Lord’s “voice.” When one enters union, ALL rejoice! He is sweeping the House clean as we have each been made aware. May we call down the grace to yield completely to this final scrubbing and polishing up. We want the walls of this House to be made of pure GOLD!!

If any of you become aware of a new way that the LORD is speaking in a non-verbal way, please email me at

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  1. Dianeon 01 Apr 2009 at 4:09 pm

    Diana, this agrees with what Guyon wrote about in her autobiography, that she and those who were deeply spiritual were able to communicate silently in the Spirit. Words as we know them were simply unnecessary.

    I have never had this experience. But I believe it and do look forward to it!

    Blessings in Christ Jesus,
    Diane Guerrero

  2. Brenda Taliaferroon 19 Jan 2010 at 2:44 pm

    It is as you say above that suddenly we will be doing what He is doing inside us. I have experienced this in a small measure in Nashville, Tennessee. Once in an Operating Room and on my job to a woman. Jesus stood up in me and I went into a side pocket and He appeared to a Dr. and fellow employee. This later He said was a response to my prayer of Phil #:10 and to show me His true coming. He communicates in pictures. This union in fullness will be for the Harvest and restoring creation.

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