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Jan 16 2009

The Dew

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Micah 5:7

“Then the remnant of Jacob

Will be among many people

Like dew from the Lord.”

Now and “Then”

Micah, speaking some 700 years before Jesus came, is describing the future of the people of God. The word “then” is often spoken of as “in that day”- a phrase that Jesus also used. It was the looking forward to the ultimate bringing to pass of the will of God for mankind when God the Son joined forever to our humanity making us His kinfolk and assuming responsibility for our sins and death.

“Then” refers to the finale when He shall rise from the dead and we in union with Him;  the day when we in Him are brought out of death and carried with Him into the heart of God the Father and given the Spirit who in this here and now makes that union functional reality. The Body of Christ in the world but not of it is the remnant Micah speaks of. The word remnant means those joined to Jesus by the Spirit are His Body in the earth now. This ancient Scripture describes you in this world.


We are described as the dew from the Lord. I never thought too much about dew until I came to live in Texas and came to realize that the dew is one of the most precious gifts of God to mankind that quietly is given again and again almost without notice. It is known by its absence more than its presence.

The dew is God’s method of daily reviving and renewing his creation in the midst of death. It is the hope of survival of the plant world though another day of blistering death dealing heat. In Israel – and in places like Texas – everything would whither under the sun’s rays but for the dew that quietly drenches everything with enough water of life before the sunrise. Read the blessings that God gave to His people regarding their physical existence and they always contained the promise of the dew. When Ahab rejected God from his life and his kingdom he came under the curse of not only no rain but no dew – the land could survive without rain but not without dew. The dew is the mysterious act of God’s love to the creation. It arrives quietly with no announcement, so gently that it is only after it has arrived that one becomes aware of being soaked.

Other forms of life giving water come with announcements ahead of time. The black cloud signals rain; thunder storms come with their marching band and light show and some have so much importance that they are given a name and the nation focuses attention on their arrival…And the Creator determined that the dew would not merely water the plants and soak the ground but do so with breathtaking beauty. Dew beautifies all that it touches and turns the most ordinary into a sight of glory. I have gone to our very ordinary pasture in the early morning and stood in wonder before a field of diamonds. A spider’s web has become a jewel no artist could replicate even with the finest of precious stones.

And He declares that His purpose in the New Creation, you and I, is that we become as dew in a world of death. You and I are God’s mystery in the midst of the world: we are God-dew for the thirsty hearts of mankind. He is the Dew…too!

But in Hosea 14:5 God declares that He is the dew: “I will be like the dew to Israel.” We are those who have been united by God’s love initiative to the Son in the Lord Jesus: we are adopted into the family of God and called His children… He is present to His world, not as a vague ethereal presence, but in and by us. The blessing spoken of in the Old Testament is declared in the New Testament to be the Spirit who now dwells in us. We are not only blessed by the refreshing dew of the Spirit but we are the vehicle of the Spirit in the world in this here and now. Jesus described this relationship as the life of the believer: “Abide in Me and I abide in you.” John described the Christian life in terms of He living as us in our daily lives: “As He is, so are we in this world.” Paul understood his life to actually be the life and living of Christ wherever he was; “For me to live is Christ.” “I live, yet not I but Christ who lives in me.” The Scripture that leaves us speechless is “He that is joined to the Lord is one spirit.” ( Editor’s note: I believe that when Paul said “yet not I but Christ who lives in me,” he had probably died to himself. . .This is our GOAL…ds)

Jesus Christ is present to his world in and through you and me! We are Christ in our unique human disguise. And He is this without fanfare or marching band: no marching band, no advertising – just ourselves going to the office with God wrapped up in us through the Spirit to be life giving love in the most ordinary of interactions and most mundane happenings. This is so not by some great work that you accomplish but by what God accomplished in Jesus Christ. It is for us to realize and rest into that reality as we go naturally into our world day by day to soak it with His love.

You and I . . . are the hope bringers, the centers of divine love, life, healing, wholeness. We are the lifter of heads bowed in depression; we are the helpers of faith and the source of divine joy. The home, office, classroom, factory floor, customer awaiting service – does not realize that the presence of God-love and life is living and working alongside them and serving them.

And this here and now is wherever you happen to find yourself, not in some fantasy ideal ministry situation. The dew is dew wherever it is – whether on prize roses or a spider’s web it does its work of life and beautifying. We are the divine dew by our attitude and service to the person in front of us. It is the way we cook, clean, mow the lawn and do our daily work. This is not mugging everyone we meet with the facts of the Gospel but being and living the energy of God-love that in Christ we have been joined into. God-dew is being present to this moment here and now, the Spirit giving and serving in and through you.

This is who you are by sheer gift through Jesus Christ. Do not get out of bed in the morning without knowing who you are and living from the Spirit who makes real this salvation in your here- and – now- life.

by Malcom Smith

Many thanks to Joanne Anstine at who sent me this beautiful article that I could not resist passing on to you…Love, diana

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Jan 15 2009

Embrace It

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Embrace It

It is my wish to share with you what the LORD is laying on my heart early in this New Year 2009. Please let me begin by giving you His exact Words to us which cover quite a bit of it:

“Do not think it strange if you find that previous gifts of the Holy Spirit are not flowing as they once did. For those not willing to lay them down, I have gently allowed them to fade out until you find yourself in a most glorious spiritual place…the eye of the needle. This is truly like unto a birth canal so you can look forward to NEW LIFE on the other side. There you will have completely yielded your gifts and ministries unto My keeping, and so it will be forever I moving through you. Yea, you shall speak My Words, heal, deliver, save, lift up heads and hearts, instill peace and joy to the multitudes. Each will come forth in My prescribed timing, so do not ever compare yourselves with your brothers and sisters. Avoid envy/jealousy at all costs for you know not what processing those appearing to be “ahead” of you have endured. Freely and joyfully EMBRACE each moment and the peace in which I keep you now knowing that you are My Beloved and ever in My heart.” Yeshua

One of my favorite writings is from Michael Molinos in his classic book The Spiritual Guide in the chapter entitled “Things to Abandon.” He says: “The men or women who would attain to that deeper walk with their Lord must abandon and be detached from these four things:

1. Creatures

2.Temporal things

3.The very gifts of the Holy Spirit

4. Self

And lastly they must be lost in God.

If we could allow the Holy Spirit to strip us of all of that, we would have attained completion!

The LORD impresses upon my heart that much more time spent in communion with Him is imperative in this hour. Indeed we can be “lost in God” during these sessions. Several years ago He gave me a revelation that such communion and intimacy with Him had a “cosmic effect.” Indeed it deposits divine LOVE everywhere in addition to whatever else is needed around the worlds. I believe when we reach completion, we shall be awestruck by the impact of both our prayers and intimate communion. It matters not if we are hearing, seeing, or sensing anything in this state – the effect will be the same. Meanwhile we shall be going from glory unto glory as we BEHOLD our divine Spouse, our pattern Brother, and in this process, we shall indeed be changed.

At a given time for each member of the Body, doors will begin to open for evangelism. It is very apparent that we are not yet walking as JESUS walked! The LORD continually impresses up me that this step and season must occur prior to the change or manifestation of Christ on a permanent basis.

This is all meant to be an encouragement to you as I know that many are wondering why they are where they are in their walk. Dearly beloved of the Lord, our image is imprinted on the palms of Father’s hands! Do not think for a moment that you are not exactly where He wants you to be.

I shall add that we have entered a season in which strict obedience to Him and His Word (to the best of our ability) is imperative. We must refuse condemnation trusting that the precious Holy Spirit will lovingly convict us every time.

And so REJOICE and offer up a sacrifice of praise wherever you are for that is exactly where He wants you. Perhaps we shall be accelerated at lightning speed in the near future fulfilling the Christmas vision posted on this web site.

As usual, I send my love and His to each of you. . .


“He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall remain stable and fixed under the shadow of the Almighty [Whose power no foe can withstand].”

Psalm 91:1

“And all of us, as with unveiled face [because we] continued to behold [in the Word of God] as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are constantly being transfigured into His very own image in ever increasing splendor and from one degree of glory to another (for this comes from the Lord [Who is] the Spirit”

II Corinthians 3:18

“Behold, I have indelibly imprinted (tattooed a picture of) you on the palm of each of My hands…”

Isaiah 49:16

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Jan 10 2009

A Christmas Morning

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It was Christmas morning, and as I awoke (highly anointed) I found myself among the disciples of Christ for the Last Supper. “Now as they were eating,”(having dinner) JESUS was speaking over the bread and the wine asking us to remember Him as we ate of the bread (His body which was broken for us) and drank the wine (His shed Blood). His voice was so beautiful, clear, masculine, and gentle that it melted my heart and was absolutely totally real to me as I listened with my spiritual ears. It is so very important to remember that Yeshua chose things that were very common; the Jews ate bread and drank wine for dinner almost on a daily basis, so it was easy for them to gather and do this. He did not mean for it to be done ceremoniously! It was simply to be part of their fellowship with each other and with HIM!

What stood out in this incredible open vision (especially as I looked upon it in succeeding days), was the WHOLE LOAF of bread which was almost perfect. As it loomed before my spiritual eyes it began to cast a glow. As Yeshua spoke, He was indicating to me that the whole loaf represented the true Christed Body…HIS own Body, yea His Bride, of which we are hopefully a part. So in taking a piece of that bread and eating it, we are declaring our oneness with Him and also our oneness with the entire Body which is even now entering into the fullness of HIS Glory.

I naturally asked the LORD why I should see a vision of the Last Supper on Christmas day. I presumed that it meant that He was the Lamb that had been slain from the foundations of the world and that He came to Earth to show us the nature of the Father and to die for our sins. He came here to DIE! What an assignment that was! And is that not our assignment also? We are to spiritually die to all of our Adamic nature. The glory surrounding that loaf spoke to me of the entire Body…from both sides of the veil coming into perfection. Indeed, the loaf seemed to be taking on a life of its own as it shimmered on the table. It seemed apparent that it must be very close to the HOUR of the SECOND COMING or second BIRTH. . .the manifestation of the Sons of God. Now our timing is not Father’s timing, and I will not go so far as to say that it will happen in the year 2009, but the season is well nigh at hand. So it WAS appropriate to be given to see something related to the SECOND BIRTH of CHRIST on the morning of the day on which most celebrate His first coming! Isn’t this just like God?

Yeshua was also telling us to remember Him in the drinking of the wine. We must ever remember that He died for the remission of our sins and the sins of all mankind! I sensed that we could take this communion either in the natural or in the spiritual remembering both HIM and our brethren with whom we are so intimately entwined.

As I meditated on this experience, the LORD led me to the writing of Norene Nichols entitled “The Generation of the Vine” which appears under the heading RELATED ARTICLES on this web site. Remember that Yeshua said, “I shall not drink again of this fruit of the vine until that day when I drink it with you new and of superior quality in My Father’s kingdom.” (Matthew 26:29) Norene points out that the Greek word for fruit in this case means “generation.” Please read her article to see how this evolves and how it so definitely relates to the partaking of the bread and the drinking of the wine for first of the firstfruits (the overcomers. . .that perfect loaf of bread) represented the “generation of the vine.”

Surely this gives us cause to REJOICE in the very face of the darkness looming all around us! Let us cling to the HOPE that this experience has given us throughout this coming year.

Clothed With The Sun


As the Spirit of God

settled upon me

and came to rest within me…

a transformation began

from the depths of my being…

a churning sifting leveling reordering

as the Gentle One

provoked a response

cell by cell…

and they began to yield

go His Way…

making their happy surrender

to the I AM call…

slowly at first

then with a liveliness…

indeed a HUNGER and

great need to prepare…

Shouting “Yes…Yes!”

until LOVE had permeated my soul

and I broke to fall

glistening white

and perfectly FREE


at His Feet…

A temple of purity fully merged

with its HEAD…

now seeking to join brothers and sisters everywhere


moving forth

in brilliant array

through harvest fields…


(Revelation 12:1)

“I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh…”

 (Joel 2:28)RELEASED

The lilies within

the Secret Gardens grow

in a spiritual communion…

nourished by His infinite LOVE

throughout the season of burning.

The naked bulbs are warmed and freed


and brought into new and everlasting


The lilies in white

from Secret Gardens come…


in the splendor of the Risen Son.

They came forth midst glad shouts

blooming in dying…stripped and pruned

they COME

triumphant over death.

Singing a Resurrection song

this Bride in white comes forth

yielding to JESUS…

ONE Spirit SHE sweeps the lands…

they come…they come…they come…

RESURRECTED…lily white


(Prophetic poetry appearing in Solitary Rider)

Let is be so, LORD JESUS. YES! Let if be so for our hearts are now ready to burst in their desire for completion – for UNION with YOU and our precious brethren. The universe awaits us…yea it doth groan…

Your little sister,


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