Dec 23 2008

An Unparalleled Stillness

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Snowflakes falling. . .

there is a stillness


as earth is subdued. . .

awestruck really

by this radical Presentation

of GOD


In a manger the Infant lay

midst animals trying to muffle

whynnyings, lowings, snorts, hoof scuffings. . .

the only sounds disrupting

the hushed scene. . .

They want to quiet. . .

be perfect. . .

bent down. . .

in the Presence of the Divine


There is a stillness


around the manger Child.

His presence quiets. . .

alerts. . .

humbles. . .

calls to a trembling. . .


Knee-bent I come, My King

bow down to worship

before Thy manger-throne.


Diana Summers

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  1. Bunn Coffeeon 16 Sep 2010 at 11:28 pm

    Powerful post.

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