Nov 09 2008

A Kiss from God

Published by at 8:35 pm under Spiritual

As I began to pray in bed this morning, I was suddenly lifted up into the very Presence of the Father…His Light and Light and glorious LOVE. My solar plexus region began to leap, and I felt this spiritual KNOWING, this divine attachment and connection – I felt like a child with her Daddy. I felt His embrace and His nod of APPROVAL, It made me weep from the spirit (there is a difference between spirit tears and soul tears), and I simply said, “Oh Father, thank You for choosing me as Your Own – for calling me to be a Christian. I carried that Light and LOVE back and knew Father had blessed me with a “morning KISS.” Simply precious.

Seek it, dear ones. Ask for it. It’s there for you too…for all who belong to Yeshuah. HalleluJAH!

Love in HIM,


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