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Nov 28 2008

The Child

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“My Own Ones ~ This is a season to truly come out of the pagan fray and remain in a stance of quiet interior adoration. Oh yes, behold the great LIGHT shining within thee! Within your spirit a divine Child is coming to maturity. You must nurture Him and nourish Him just as a pregnant mother does her unborn babe. Make sure that all that you look upon, listen to, and touch is food for this sacred Child. He is born of you and Me ~ together We form the Child. Your body is the very living temple of the Holy Spirit, your innerMan the womb.

“Do as I would do this December and give all that you can to the many needy around you as well as to those who are carrying the Gospel into the nations or equipping the saints to reap the final harvest. Oh my, eye hath not seen nor ear heard of the wonders just before you. Yes, I will come within the clouds. . .those precious brothers and sisters beyond the very thin veil who eagerly await your final death and rebirth. With explosive JOY you shall all come together in MY NATURE. Father created you in Our image and likeness, but it is the Holy Spirit Who has the power to work our NATURE into you, so YIELD…YIELD. . .though the path be narrow, the way steep and even painful, you are approaching the narrow gate. Visualize this little gate, hold it ever before you and see Me and much of the Church beyond it. Now run! You have been apprehended to this walk ~ look not to the left nor to the right but with the eyes of a dove behold Me and embrace our Child within. Truly, truly, you are NOT YOUR OWN!!

 “Consecrate yourselves ~ set yourselves apart as CHRISTians. Be that city set on a hill and enter not the festival below. The Child longs to ascend. The world and its nonsensical activities are far beneath this spiritual preparation. Draw a sharp line between the realms as it is needed for the safety of this Child and its NEW BIRTH.

“Tu es Mon Tresor. . .Je t’aime,


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