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Nov 29 2008

Additional Sealing

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This morning as I lay in bed communing with God, I believe I had an experience which is significant to all of those called to the firstfruits company. A type of chute was displayed over me which can best be described as having the appearance of an ethereal type of yurt ( a special kind of tent). For those who do not know what a yurt looks like, it is a round canvas structure with a very large skylight at the apex of the ceiling. (You can Google in Pacific Yurts and find them.) I felt an exquisite sense of having been captured and held in this most sacred place which had hints of blue lights and blue flowing fabric mingled with light upon the interior walls and brilliant beams of white lights streaming from the Throne of God through the opening at the top of the dome. Father simply said to me, “Daughter of God.” I inquired of Him if this bluish tint represented healing and heaven, and He replied that it meant those things and many more… provision, prosperity, victory, worship, dance, song, intercession, abundance, divine health and youthful vigor, Holy Spirit guidance with an absolute total control and consequent spiritual authority. And that is what I felt captured there is this heavenly structure. . .under His sovereign control and protection. I had been separated out from all that was earthly, but Father said that this sealing was effective along with its inherent promises and callings for the PRICE of ABSOLUTE, TOTAL SURRENDER.

As you will see in Exodus 29, blue was one of the colors used by the priest for entering the most holy place of the temple…”And of the blue and purple and scarlet they made finely wrought garments for serving in the Holy Place; they made the holy garments for Aaron, as the Lord had commanded Moses. Exodus 29:1 And in verse 22 it says, “And he made the robe of the ephod of woven work all blue.”Moving on to Numbers we read, “This shall be the responsibility of the sons of Kobath in the Tent of Meeting: the most holy things.” Numbers 4:4. Then, “And shall put on it the covering of dolphin or porpoise skin, and shall spread over that a cloth wholly of blue, and shall put in place the poles of the ark.” Numbers 4:6

This color blue is so very spiritually significant as it represents heaven, spiritual authority, the Holy Spirit, integrity, justice, loyalty, revelation, and the royal priesthood. As this yurt that was placed over me as a type of tent, I discerned that it was referring to the Tent of Meeting with the FATHER Who would henceforth reveal many wonderful things to us…for the PRICE.

Today is November 29, 2008, and the number 29 signifies “departure” yea even departure from the earthly realm in as great a measure as is possible for each individual member of the priesthood. How many of the Sons of God are in the priesthood I could not say as there are also many called to kingly and queenly anointings. Perhaps they cross over. If you have any thoughts or revelations on this, I would love for you to share them with me.

I am just now in the process of preparing my home to list for sale, and I came across an exquisite piece of silky fabric which is of a peach background with blue, gold, silver, and scarlet stripes. The gold and the silver are somewhat sparkly. I felt a strong leading to place this across my antique oak dining table as a type of runner. I have always been so drawn to this rather exotic and radical piece of fabric for in it we have blue and all that it signifies as reported above; gold meaning the divine nature of Yahshua, arrival, and pass the test; peach representing all of the fruits of the Holy Spirit; scarlet representing highest or finest (the priesthood); and silver meaning a full redemption. Surely this experience today on the 29th implicates everything this cloth represents. It was to be placed across that table last night for a divine purpose. I am one who acts out spiritual things in the natural much as they did in the Old Testament.

In Andrew Murray’s beautiful book Absolute Surrender he writes”

It is when we sink down in utter helplessness that the everlasting God will reveal Himself in His power, and that our hearts will learn to trust God alone.In utter brokenness we come oh Father, and we thank You for this high sign of additional sealing and separation of your Sons. Amen.


“What is it that keeps us from trusting Him perfectly?

“Many a one says: I believe what you say, but there is one difficulty. If my trust were perfect and always abiding, all would come right, for I know God will honor trust. But how am I to get that trust?

“My answer is: By death of self. The great hindrance to trust is self-effort. So long as you have got your own wisdom and thoughts and strength, you cannot fully trust God. But when God breaks you down, when everything begins to grow dim before your eyes, and you see that you understand nothing, then God is coming nigh, and if you will bow down in nothingness and wait upon God, He will become all.”

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Nov 28 2008

The Child

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“My Own Ones ~ This is a season to truly come out of the pagan fray and remain in a stance of quiet interior adoration. Oh yes, behold the great LIGHT shining within thee! Within your spirit a divine Child is coming to maturity. You must nurture Him and nourish Him just as a pregnant mother does her unborn babe. Make sure that all that you look upon, listen to, and touch is food for this sacred Child. He is born of you and Me ~ together We form the Child. Your body is the very living temple of the Holy Spirit, your innerMan the womb.

“Do as I would do this December and give all that you can to the many needy around you as well as to those who are carrying the Gospel into the nations or equipping the saints to reap the final harvest. Oh my, eye hath not seen nor ear heard of the wonders just before you. Yes, I will come within the clouds. . .those precious brothers and sisters beyond the very thin veil who eagerly await your final death and rebirth. With explosive JOY you shall all come together in MY NATURE. Father created you in Our image and likeness, but it is the Holy Spirit Who has the power to work our NATURE into you, so YIELD…YIELD. . .though the path be narrow, the way steep and even painful, you are approaching the narrow gate. Visualize this little gate, hold it ever before you and see Me and much of the Church beyond it. Now run! You have been apprehended to this walk ~ look not to the left nor to the right but with the eyes of a dove behold Me and embrace our Child within. Truly, truly, you are NOT YOUR OWN!!

 “Consecrate yourselves ~ set yourselves apart as CHRISTians. Be that city set on a hill and enter not the festival below. The Child longs to ascend. The world and its nonsensical activities are far beneath this spiritual preparation. Draw a sharp line between the realms as it is needed for the safety of this Child and its NEW BIRTH.

“Tu es Mon Tresor. . .Je t’aime,


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Nov 09 2008

The Plain Vanilla

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A mature sister gave me a couple of Kingdom Ministry articles to review. Buried within some lovely and enticing words I came to the following statements which are decidedly New Age:

“We are being awakened to Your LIFE.”

No, this word “awakened” is entirely New Age vocabulary. Please watch for it! We receive His LIFE by GRACE as soon as we are BORN from above or born again and grow into increasing revelation of it as we mature. The author was speaking to ALL people, both Christians and non-Christians. If they are being awakened to anything at all, it must be through a false light and not through the Holy Spirit.

A very close sister…mature in Christ…told me years ago that if anything sounded a bit unusual and especially enticing to “stick with the PLAIN VANILLA of the GOSPEL of JESUS CHRIST.” Amen and amen! I shall always remember those words. These are the days of the itching ears! “For the time is coming when [people] will not tolerate (endure) sound and wholesome instruction, but having ears itching [for something pleasing and gratifying], they will gather to themselves one teacher after another in a considerable number, chosen to satisfy their own liking and to foster the errors they hold.” (II Timothy 4:3)

Another statement in these deceptive articles was “I am my Father’s Body, so that makes me equal with Him.” Well now on the surface one could skim over that and think it sounded pretty good! We are NOT Father’s Body, but rather the Body of JESUS CHRIST. . .the “Body of Christ.” And even so, we are not EQUAL with Him even when we arrive at His full stature (Ephesians 4:13) as He will ALWAYS be the HEAD of the Body,

“We are ONE with the Father.”

Once again the writer was addressing both Christians and non-Christians. Those who have not been born again have no way of being ONE with the Father, and even Christians do not attain unto that status until they have matured unto FULL UNION with GOD. (Please see the teaching on Union with God on this website) These things are subtle as we know, and by intimacy with JESUS and time in the Word of God our discernment is sharpened to the point that we can separate the Truth from the lie. It is also important that we separate ourselves from the things of this world! We cannot serve two masters…God and Mammon simply do not mix. Make yourselves and your homes a consecrated place. We are a “city set on a hill.” This is in the Sermon on the Mount! “You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.” (Matthew 4: 14)  JESUS furthermore exhorts us: “Let your light so shine before men that they may see your moral excellence and your praiseworthy, noble, and good deeds and recognize and honor and praise and glorify your Father Who is in heaven.” (Matthew 5:16)

Next there are all of the articles on the power of positive thinking and affirmations in order to bring us what we want. Our Father will always give us what we NEED in order to fashion us into the exact replica of His Son JESUS. Paul does tell us to think on things that are true, worthy of reverence, honorable and seemly, lovely and lovable, kind and winsome, gracious, of excellence and virtue. (Philippians 4:8)  May we think of good and lofty things but NOT for the purpose of GAIN for ourselves!!

Another writer claims that Buddhists, New Agers, and those of any other religious persuasion are part of ONE MAN. This is a very popular deception, and it also sounds very nice. There is only ONE way to the Father, however, and that is through His Son JESUS or Yeshuah. “No man is able to come to Me unless the Father Who sent Me attracts and draws him and gives him the desire to come to Me, and [then] I will raise him up [from the dead] at the last day.” (John 6:44)

“I am the Way, the Truth and the Life; no one comes to the Father except by [through] Me.”

(John 14:6) This, as we all know, is the “plain vanilla of the Gospel.” May we embrace it and BE CONTENT with it! We ought to thank God EVERY DAY for having chosen us!! Drawn and attracted us!!

And lastly a writer claims that becoming like JESUS is not a process. “We ARE in His image.” This is total error. Just look at the Body around you. Do you see one Christian who is NOW in the image of the Father? Hardly.

THE PLAIN VANILLA brothers and sisters.



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Nov 09 2008

A Kiss from God

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As I began to pray in bed this morning, I was suddenly lifted up into the very Presence of the Father…His Light and Light and glorious LOVE. My solar plexus region began to leap, and I felt this spiritual KNOWING, this divine attachment and connection – I felt like a child with her Daddy. I felt His embrace and His nod of APPROVAL, It made me weep from the spirit (there is a difference between spirit tears and soul tears), and I simply said, “Oh Father, thank You for choosing me as Your Own – for calling me to be a Christian. I carried that Light and LOVE back and knew Father had blessed me with a “morning KISS.” Simply precious.

Seek it, dear ones. Ask for it. It’s there for you too…for all who belong to Yeshuah. HalleluJAH!

Love in HIM,


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