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Jul 31 2008

The Hour is Sacred

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“I speak to those of you sensing the Firstfruits call. It is indeed a sacred hour. Imagine some of the most sacred things in the world to you – a child, a book (perhaps your Bible), some photos, a parent, a pet. This spiritual hour is far more sacred than anything in your world. My hours on the Cross at Calgary were the most sacred hours in human history. You, dear sisters and brothers, are in a similar place, for it is the designated time for the final death pangs. All of SELF is being torn away so that you and I, in soul/ spirit union, can rule and reign together. We shall come forth shortly as ONE anointed Christ-Body to release creation from the grip of death. Could anything in your lives exceed that in value? Will you REST and treasure this hour as the Holy Spirit completes His work?  Painful?  Yes, it certainly could be and must be for you follow in my exact footsteps, and I endured indescribable PAIN as I took all sin upon myself so that you might be FREE at last.

“You will (and some of you already have) enter a tomb-like state during which all seems dead, depressing, and hopeless. But yea, I tell you the STONE shall be rolled away, and you shall behold the SUN! You shall be changed and walk into an immortal state.

“Two thousand years have passed since I founded the Church. What if this hour were even one hundred years henc e? Does it make it less sacred for you – for them – for ALL?

“Prepare by abiding in Me at all times, throwing yourSELVES, your lives, your treasures, your loved ones at my feet in utter child-like abandonment to My Will.  Ah ~ there you will find REST and the bliss of a holy , fiery LOVE. This LOVE shall change the worlds, but you must stoke up the fires so you will be prepared to embrace even the most unlovely. Every soul is equal in My sight. Father will give you the Baptism of His Heart as you ABIDE in this way.

“Angels and saints from beyond shall assist you. Become AWARE of them for they too have messages for you. The Holy Spirit will bring them to you.

“Do not go seeking knowledge of these things for all you need to know is in the Scriptures. Many have grown weary in their waiting and either run to and fro seeking a fresh word, buy books and more books or comb the Internet – for what?  For ME!  My dear Ones, I am as close as your breath and heartbeat, and My anointing shall teach you all things!! Avoid the “itching ears” syndrome and draw closer to ME than you ever have.

“Behold, I stand at the door and knock! Do you hear Me? If not, this is My message to you. I am with you in such great measure now. Draw close. Draw nigh so that We can lock our souls and spirits together in one culminating, eternal EMBRACE – the Salvation Embrace!! Yes, this hour is your Most Sacred Hour!!”

Yeshua  ( through ds)

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Jul 31 2008


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“My children ~ Many of you have arrived at the place of no return, for as Lot was urged to flee from Sodom by angels, so have you heard and heeded My heart’s cry for you to come out of all systems and rise up. Beloved Ones, take one moment at a time and always remember that this is the moment in eternity for which you will be accountable to God.

“This is new territory, a NEW DAY and dispensation for you ~ yea at long last you have arrived in Tabernacles. As our spirits are entwined so intimately now it will be an easy matter to follow after My gentle lead. Focus on Me at ALL times and in all places remaining alert to those around you. Through Me you can read each heart and discern the need, the desire, the cry. Do not hesitate to approach those souls when I nudge you for the Words shall be given unto you.

“Remember at all times that you are My temple, beacon, lighthouse. Guard your words carefully and then speak with gentleness, humility, power and authority. Your face will shine with My Glory radiating from within.

“Be at great peace and rest as we journey together through this NEW DIMENSION and let go. Allow your spirit to soar now. Dance with Me among the stars, dream My dreams, and be cosmic and affirming in your thoughts. As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is, so dwell upon your Eternal Spouse and the vast LOVE of our mighty Father.

“Each day can be new and exciting for you as you walk consistently now in My Spirit. Take care of your bodies for yea they are truly the temple of My Spirit. Eat with care, drink water for it is life, supplement your diet for food supplies are contaminated in these end times, and rest well so that you are refreshed to follow Me each day.

“Union with Me is the most sublime gift offered, and it is YOURS. Take it – embrace it – and give Me praise!”


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