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Jul 09 2008

“Great Lion of God”

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Author Taylor Caldwell has written two stunning books on Apostles Luke and Paul. The former is entitled Dear and Glorious Physician and the latter Great Lion of God. Miss Caldwell was known to have done very extensive research on her subject matter traveling to Israel, reading from Josephus and so forth. There was one scene in her book on the Apostle Paul about Jesus that so captured my heart that I felt to include it in one of my publications some years ago. As I think it will bless you, I relay those precious paragraphs in this blog. The scene is one in which young Jewish zealots are being crucified by the Romans in Jerusalem prior to Jesus’ public ministry:

“Saul looked upon the faces of the condemned, the remote faces, the praying lips. Some were younger than he; not many were of mature years. He wanted to weep, but could not. He wanted to curse, but his lips were numb. He wanted to beat his breast. He slowly became aware of the lowest chanting, hardly to be heard, and knew it to be the prayers for the dying. But Saul could not pray. He could only gaze on the faces of the condemned, who appeared already dead, so motionless were they, so indifferent, so far. It was as if nothing that was of them stood in this place, and that they had already departed.

“Then against that terrible silence a man’s voice rang out, pure, strong, and certain: My help comes from the Lord, Who made heaven and earth! He will not suffer your foot to be moved. He that keeps you will not slumber. Behold! He Who keeps Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps!“The condemned started as one man, the rags and skins of their garments moving in a place where nothing moved, and they turned their young sun-darkened faces eagerly in search and now their faces were the faces of children who had heard the voice of their father. (Emphasis mine…ds)

“The soldiers had turned to statues, and they, too, as one man, searched for he who had cried out with such loud faith and even exultation and comfort. But they could not find him. . .Immediately there was the dolorous and awful sound of hammering as nails bit into young hands and feet, and there was nothing else, not even a cry. . .

“One by one the youths were crucified, and not a cry or a protest or a shriek of agony came from a single heroic throat. Some were proud and disdainful; some were set of lip and eye. Some appeared to have fallen into a dream and looked only at the sky. But not one whimpered. Their rags and wild skins were the garments of sacrificed children. . .

Vengeance, vengeance!” whispered Saul fiercely as though he would die with his own agony. Where is the God of Israel, that He permits this?Then that hidden voice, so passionate, so strong and musical, rang out against the brazen quiet,

Be strong and let your heart take courage, all you that wait for the Lord!For the first time the crowd of black-robed men responded:

I have waited for the Lord, blessed be His Name, and he comes on the wings of the morning, my Succor and my Hope, my Lord and my God!”Saul, sunken in his grief and despair, heard a disturbed and wondering sound, and felt a quickened movement about him. He raised his head to see the young peasant he had encountered in the marketplace moving from the ranks of the mourners, and he wore a rude brown robe and his feet were dusty in his sandals. But he moved with slow majesty to the crowd of the crosses, walking without a sound, his uncovered golden hair and beard shining cloudily in the increasing gloom. His face was very quiet and serene, his profile lifted. He was tall and slender and muscular, and he left deep footsteps in the dust, which swirled about his ankles. A radiance, shifting and nebulous, seemed to lie on his shoulders and throat.

“Saul watched. The mourners forgot their weeping. The soldiers looked at him alertly, but none made a motion to stop him. He began to walk among the ranks of the fainting and dying and tortured. He stopped before each cross. He lifted his blue eyes to the faces of the youths. He smiled gently. He moved on, slowly, pausing, smiling. He spoke no word, yet the eyes of the dying followed him, and the contorted faces became quiet, and mouths opened as if to reply to something only they heard and which had consoled them. It was as if he had given a potion to each, which had taken away pain and fear and despair, and had left peace behind it.”


Through eye contact and unspoken communion,

the crucified were saturated in His GLORY, filled with His LOVE, taken into His REST, and then they crossed over in peace. If any one of you is on an “execution stake” now, let Him gaze at you like that and just pass into Him!

Oh let us cry out to JESUS to be Present with us

as He was to the crucified in this story. He will come,

I know.

Cry out saints ~ He is with you


in your hour of trial.

Praise You JESUS

for Your faithfulness to keep us ~

We love You

We love You

We love You so ~




“The Lord is your Guardian. The Lord is your shade upon your right hand. The sun shall not smite you by day, nor the moon by night. The Lord shall keep you from all evil. He shall keep your soul. The Lord shall guard your going out and your coming in, from this time forth and forever!

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