Jun 01 2008

Ravishing His Heart

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My plans were to go out this Sunday afternoon, but following my prayer time in bed, the glory of God began to rain down upon me. This rain was many, many shades of GREEN speaking of newness, LIFE, health, and NEW BEGINNINGS, which is, of course, what the number eight (2008) means. I sense we are stepping out into a NEW DIMENSION of God’s Spirit. It is a “higher road,” yea even on into the eternal realms where we are scripturally called to ABIDE (make our dwelling place.) The LORD is calling us to leave the things of the earth and man behind for He now longs to pervade every cell, molecule, and atom of our earth as we YIELD.

When God shows up like this, I drop everything when possible. It is important to note that I had already given Him the First Fruits of my day, and this, my beloved brothers and sisters, ravishes His Heart.

I was speaking with a sister this morning about my last article about giving our LORD some undivided attention. I asked her to please imagine a child sitting in a rocking chair with the Father looking upon him or her as he/she waited ,and waited, longing, listening, basking in His Presence…enjoying the LORD!  I said, “Dear sister, do you not think that any father’s heart would be ravished? Why he would not only embrace this child but long to shower him or her with GIFTS… treasures.” In this way He opens up His treasure chest to us and selects the exact thing that we need…perhaps not the desire of our heart right then…but the things that will bring us into the complete and full stature of His Son, Christ the LORD.

Suddenly such a union with God overcame me that I felt swept away. He imparted a knowing that my steps were perfectly, perfectly ordered as I listened and obeyed. A sign on the inside of my front door reads, “In His will is our PEACE.” I long for people to see this as they are leaving.

I am soaring towards the Sun now. . .I sense to meet my Beloved JESUS.  He is rarely seen apart from me any longer as He was when I was writing Solitary Rider over ten years ago, and I doubt that He is apart from you either. He is resting right within your heart; so crawl in and REST in Him…ABIDE. “He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall remain stable and fixed under the shadow of the Almighty [Whose power no foe can withstand]. Psalm 91:1

This is a new month. Things are lush and green and growing. The summer solstice approaches on June 21, my son Brian’s birthday and the day I performed my TASK. It is a season of celebration and renewal for those of us who hunger and thirst after righteousness, who pant after the LORD.  I believe we might be crossing over into new territory. We are already in Tabernacles, but there are again many stages and levels in this realm. We continue to go from glory to glory to glory. . .eternally. Our Father is the eternal Creator, and I believe we shall always be changing.

Saints, I do not believe that the change is to be anticipated; I believe it has already begun if we will just step into it. Those with listening ears, hungering hearts, and eyes that SEE will recognize these changing seasons. I have visions today of the many sick among us rising up and becoming the most glorious, whole beings.

Now I am given to see beautiful hues of turquoise all around me. It seems to be the color of this new land. It is one of my favorite colors and falls into the category of a shade of BLUE which means divinity. There are also lovely white feathers floating around symbolic of the HOLY SPIRIT. I am impressed by a brand new awareness and union with the Spirit and pray for an eventual impartation of the Seven Spirits of God.  I am swept into the prayer of transforming union and hear the Word “transformation” so clearly.

Everything is turquoise here. Even we seem to have an element of this color about us and blend in PERFECTLY with the heavenly landscape. It is simply indescribably beautiful! Yes, the Father shows me GOLD which is definitely descriptive of His divine nature. He says, “Walk before Me and be perfect.”

The creation is excited, expectant, joyful as God’s Sons and Daughters are prepared to step forth into the eternal realms. This turquoise realm seems to be a place of “fine tuning.” We shall hopefully soon begin the awesome and beloved TASK of redemption and release. We must continue to cry out for the Baptism of FIRE (for purging) and LOVE (the impartation of the Father’s Heart.) He seems READY…are WE? May we rejoice and cry out, “Yes…Yes!”

I fall prostrate and weeping for each of us in this hour.

Amen and hallelujah!


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