Jun 29 2008

Deceptions Abound!

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Deceptions Abound!

I am feeling very excited in my spirit seeing the vast darkness covering the world knowing that the GLORY of the LORD is soon to manifest through His Firstfruits who will sweep the lands with a mighty BOLD LOVE and separate the Truth from the LIE through the POWER of that LOVE. Yes, GOD is LOVE, and the fulfillment of I Corinthians 13 is soon to manifest in those who have been prepared through years and years of trial, testing, and great suffering. We shall go forth dripping in the merciful love of our Father!

I was listening to the radio several nights ago, and they were talking about a new movie called “Bloodline” which is gaining an incredibly captive audience both within and without the church!! The title stems from the premise that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene and produced offspring and that EVERYONE shares the Blood and DNA of these two. That part is an old deceptive doctrine, although there is much excitement about some new relics found in France…a wedding chalice, etc. that “prove” this “truth.” Some claim to have abandoned the faith because of this. In the movie the LORD’S death and resurrection are abolished as they have discovered bodies which they claim are those of JESUS and His wife Mary.

Furthermore, they are claiming that this “revelation” represents the Second Coming of JESUS!!  They say the word apocalypse means “revelation.” This seems a perversion of the word for it is defined in Webster’s as “a writing prophesying a cataclysm in which evil forces are destroyed.” Their prediction is that this new “revelation” on Jesus and Mary, their skeletal remains, and the unearthed relics will destroy the church as we know it as people everywhere embrace it. I find it very interesting how people (human nature) is so quick to find fault with the Word of God and latch on to everything that perverts it as it comes along. We have the Way, the Truth, the Life, the Good News of salvation by grace. Why in the world would anyone even WANT to believe this deception…except…that Father has preordained a great falling away. So hold on, brothers and sisters, as I believe this one is going to take many that will soon be needing us desperately. You will be hearing about it everywhere as it has premiered in New York and California and is now to be released to the public. Their website is bloodlinethemovie.com. I have not yet been able to access it as the response to this is so huge the site is jammed! There are, however, related sites that will give you much information. I tell you these things to empower you to help those who might still be open to the Gospel. Knowing what is out there sometimes helps arm us for the battle.

Fortunately, these producers, who have actually been threatened by the Vatican, do not know who the real Church is…those of us who have been hidden away in the Secret Place of the Most High. Oh hallelujah…our hour is so close at hand! May we FOCUS ALL of our attention on our LORD and on His WORD for it will keep us strong, steady, and equipped for battle. May we also yield to the powerful workings of the Holy Spirit in this hour as He rips many of us away from our “comfort zones” while empowering us to walk in FAITH and reveals much formerly hidden sin. I am personally having these things revealed to me in dreams, and I awaken just devastated, repentant, and grateful that these things are being shown to me so that I can make a concerted effort to walk away from them. . .things that I never even thought of! I encourage you to abide, abide, abide and listen intently for His Voice in all people, places, and circumstances. He is constantly speaking to us in the most remarkable ways now!! Isn’t it exciting?! Oh the JOY that is set before us if we can be obedient in this hour.

Be blessed. Be encouraged.


“For many will come in (on the strength of) My name [appropriating the name which belongs to Me], saying, I am the Christ (the Messiah), and they will lead many astray.”

Matthew 24: 5

“If anyone says to you then, Behold, here is the Christ (the Messiah)! Or, There He is! – do not believe it.

“For false Christs and false prophets will arise, and they will show great signs and wonders so as to deceive and lead astray, if possible, even the elect (God’s chosen ones).”

Matthew 24: 23, 24



I am having computer problems with my new laptop which will require me to return it to the manufacturer tomorrow. Thank God it is still under warranty. Although I am hoping that my computer technician will be able to get my desktop set up on line with accessibility to the website, if there is a lapse in blogs, you will know why. I will definitely have e-mail, so I look forward to communicating with you one on one. I also sense the LORD calling me to a short season of deep communion with Him and very attentive listening. Thank you for your patience, and please know that each of you will be in my thoughts and prayers as always.

In His Great LOVE. . .Your little sister,


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