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Jun 25 2008

The Heavenly Sanctuary

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One Sunday morning I was taken in my spirit to heaven into the most beautiful sanctuary one could imagine suspended in the mid heavens. This was JERUSALEM. . .the very HEART of JESUS! Yes, the LORD carried me into this place, and there I stood face to face with so many of the apostles and saints I knew and loved in the Spirit. Everyone assembled herein had been drawn by the Holy Spirit from both Heaven and Earth, and they were bowing down to one another saying, “Thank you for giving your life for the Lamb.” I was so stunned that they were thanking me for I felt that I had not really done anything compared with these others. The love that flowed there was so beautiful, submissive, and grateful. . .each loving the other better than himself. . .washing the others’ feet. My feet were washed also, and they began anointing me with the finest heavenly oils. I was clearly in a changed body for my blond hair was like golden flax spilling out everywhere. I appeared very young and wore a lovely white tunic with solid gold sandals, and I was absolutely filled with LOVE and with an enormous POWER.

Now as all were thus anointed and adorned. . .these perfected, completed ones. . .an incredible anointing was released from the heavens far away. . .from the very Throne of GOD. It was the anointing of the Heart of GOD ~ and it came upon us as explosive bursts of a rosy substance which was absolutely intoxicating! Each time the burst came through an open portal in the ceiling of the sanctuary, we were taken to the ground, and with each successive burst, we were actually falling more and more in love with each other. I felt so in love with these souls I could have burst. The anointing of GOD was bringing the BODY of CHRIST into spiritual agreement. He was calling the Christed Body to function in the same agreement that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit do ~ in perfect agreement.

The next thing I knew we were soaring throughout the cosmos, defeating every dark thing (huge powers and principalities) absolutely effortlessly in the twinkling of an eye. . .and all the while filled with an enormous BOLD LOVE. This was indeed the Fire Dance about which I have written many times. Oh glory to GOD, if I could only describe it as experienced!

In the third part of this experience, the same group of saints was standing before the Throne of GOD looking out from it as elders would stand in certain churches on a Sunday morning to anoint the sick. As I looked out, my heart exploded with JOY as I saw multitudes, MULTITUDES of people moving forward for this “altar call”. . .this final and most glorious harvest of souls. They stood, knelt, or fell prostrate as they approached the Throne. I was ministering as they came forth saying, “The SEAL of the LORD JESUS CRIST be upon you Child”. . .holding each beautiful head in my hands as I continued to anoint these cherished souls. And they came, and came, and came. . .as we all continued to bless them and bestow the SEAL.

Oh saints, I pray you can feel the anointing on this, for indeed I weep as I describe it to you. It made every struggle, sickness, temptation, and death to my carnal nature more than worth it!! It gave me a strong desire to work in the UNSEEN realms of the Spirit. And I share these things with the prayer that you will receive the necessary HUNGER to bring you finally and completely to the LORD JESUS CHRIST. . .as an overcomer. . .pure and holy before GOD.


“Go then, and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them into the name of the Father and the Son and of the Holy Spirit. . .”

Matthew 28:19

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