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Jun 20 2008

Eternal City of Light

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Thou must learn to abide on the resurrection side of the cross for in Me thou art liberated from the curse ~ result of original sin. Thou canst find a place of KNOWING, of perfect FREEDOM, of PURITY in heart. As thy spirit and Mine commune within the eternal realms of LIGHT, thou art lifted out of thy boundaries and limitations, SEEING beyond the natural realm into the unblemished realm of the Spirit where there is no blending nor crossing over of light and dark, good and evil. Thou shalt taste of the exquisite beauty of the Eternal City, its PURITY, its radiance, its BOLD LOVE, its JUSTICE. There is an everlasting JOY available to thee once ye choose to break bonds and FLY. Find the Eternal City within thee and practice abiding within its walls. When ye become tempted or distracted, departing through its gates, take note and quickly return for My Arms await thee.

Yes, My Kingdom is within thee in ways thou hast not yet realized. . .more beautiful than anything seen on earth with the natural eye, this realm is the Holy of Holies within thee. This is thy very Secret Place, My gift and love offering to thee. This Point of LOVE is connected to the heavenly spheres, to divine Wisdom, to omniscience ~ the seeing of things unobservable to the natural eye ~ indeed ~ to the eternal Heartessence of God.

Once thou hast experienced this glorious realm of infinite PEACE, thou wilt find it quite simple and utterly desirable to slip in quickly to make moment to moment choices for Me, to see Me, hear Me, and obey My directives, for thou abidest with Me.

You and I

locked together

in a timeless LOVE. . .

in a Kingdom

of LIGHT and LIFE.


As I communed with GOD one evening, there was a sudden perception of being ONE with heavenly Jerusalem. I am this City and it is, in some way, me ~ woven into me ~ every part of me so I am inseparable from Her.

“And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.”

Revelation 21:2“He who overcomes. . .I will write on him the name of My God, and the name of the city of My God, the new Jerusalem, which descends from My God out of heaven.

Revelation 3:12


I AM the NEW JERUSALEM, and when you merge with Me in COMPLETION, thou shalt join Me in the capital and center of the Holy nation of Israel. . .the very Heart of the Kingdom of GOD.

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Jun 20 2008

My Journey into the New Age Movement

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As I launched into this journey I was obviously not yet born again and Spirit-filled. I had been raised by wonderful parents who took me to an Episcopal Church regularly. Both Mom and Dad were Sunday School teachers,  and Dad was an usher. Although I learned nothing about the meaning of the precious Blood of our Savior nor the need of such a sacrifice, when I knelt in the sanctuary, my heart hungered for God. I was touched, and His loving hand was clearly upon me and drawing me.When I went away to school, I attended another Episcopal church. I would ask the priest why there was this need for “a middle man…”(JESUS!) He seemed unable to explain it to me!! I asked him repeatedly with the same result. Thus I grew up loving Father, but I had no personal relationship with JESUS and was not covered by His Blood.

I graduated, was married, and had my son, Brian. For many years I worked as a speech and language pathologist in medical schools and clinics. We had agreed that Brian would go to a private school, and prior to his leaving, a friend told me about the Unity Church and said that they believed as I…that JESUS was not necessary. He said it was very upbeat and that I would enjoy it. They did beautiful meditations and had wonderful music. Thus, in my quest for God, I attended, and he was right, I found it to be very spiritual, and it spoke to my heart. I loved the music of many flutes. My Anglican priest said that he hoped that I would still come for holy communion, but he also failed to advise me that I would be abandoning the LORD JESUS CHRIST by attending Unity! In other words, it seemed that Father was allowing me to enter into this hellish deception. Shortly thereafter I began taking classes in pastoral counseling at a New Age Institute for Transpersonal Psychology. These classes greatly challenged me, and I was glad to be studying again and looked forward to serving God in this way.

Since childhood I had knelt by my bed in the morning and prayed. I never let my son Brian go to sleep without reading a story and singing our prayer. The Holy Spirit kept wooing me through all of this.

When Brian went away to school, I wanted to rent out our large home with its memories and just get a cabin in the mountains temporarily. Always the adventurer, my husband agreed to this. A lady came to us who said that she held “healing seminars.” I checked out her references carefully and looked forward to the home being used for something so wonderful.

Depression set in very quickly without our son at home full time. He has always had a spirit of incredible JOY which I missed terribly. To ease the pain I began to go to New Age therapists who would swing crystals over me and attempt “aura balancing.” I truly believed this would work. I also saw another therapist who had me doing deep breathing very rapidly, and it took me into altered states that greatly opened me to the demonic realms. Then there were the yoga lessons which included meditation and guided visualization.  Positive affirmations became a part of my daily life, and I honestly belived that they would bring me whatever I wanted. I spent hours meditating and was opened up to highly altered states of consciousness.

I had taken a Bible to the cabin along with our dog, but I never found any life in the words. A friend at work invited me to her home for a Tarot card session. I cannot recall the outcome of this session, but nothing was helping. My husband was clearly not a believer and simply watched sadly as I participated in various things to ease my pain…piano lessons, ballet, yoga classes, visiting psychics.

The lady who rented our home had clearly never liked me; she was abrupt and unpleasant on the phone when I called about her late payments. We had left the home furnished with everything right down to the sheets and sterling silver, and one day I asked her for permission to come in and do a property inventory. She finally conceded to allow me to come in with two friends…a man and a lady. My husband was at work. We had lived there for eleven years, and I knew exactly what was there, and so we just went through and checked things off on a typewritten list. There were many strange New Age posters around, and the house felt “eerie.” As we were leaving, I looked at my friends and said, “I cannot explain this, but I feel completely altered.” It was like my soul had been siphoned from my body, and within days I was riddled with a FEAR that is indescribable. I sat and literally shook. It became so bad that I had to stop working. I went without much food or sleep. I somehow knew this tenant had dropped a curse on me, but I did not realize that my affiliation with these seductive New Age doctrines had opened me right up to it.

I attempted to do some volunteer work at the New Age center, but I was too frightened to even do that. I felt like my whole being was being shattered continually. Never in a million years could I describe to you the hell I was going through. My very concerned physician husband was totally perplexed and did not know what to do.

One morning I awakened in an even further altered state, and all of the muscles of my body had “fallen” so that I was not recognizable. My teeth chipped off from malnutrition and were like saw blades cutting into my lower lip until it bled. I went to my dentist to have them bonded. My right side was partially “paralyzed,” and I seemed unclear as to where I was or how to go about my daily activities for about a week. My hair looked like electricity had gone through it. My husband sent me to a neurologist as we felt I had suffered a stroke. He said that I had not had one, but he had no explanation for my condition. I actually could NOT put my right arm down nor move my right leg as quickly as the other. I asked the doctor if I was dying, and all he could say was that I was still breathing. I was skin and bones. It was an absolute horror story. No one had the discernment to know what was truly operational here.

We eventually had to evict our tenant for lack of rent payment, and she even left an animal blood sacrifice on the doorstep and the entrails at our neighbor’s door. Clearly she had either been a witch or Satan worshiper. Eventually I became unable to care for myself well, and my husband had to fill in. He did all of the cooking even though I was unable to eat much at all, and we already had a housekeeper. I would spend my days sitting and shaking violently.

I tried to drive but did so poorly. I was so depressed that I spoke in very few words. In desperation we decided to leave the area and move to the Pacific Northwest where my brother lived. Prior to finding a home, we stayed with my brother and his wife. The fear persisted in shooting through my body. They tried to feed me, but I could not eat. Eventually my brother told me that I was dying and that I was not going to die in his house. Thus we rented a home temporarily.

We decided to attend the Episcopal church in this town, and it turned out that this priest was Spirit-filled. I went to see him for counseling, and he told me to try to visualize JESUS and begin to establish a relationship with Him. At first I related to JESUS as a Brother. This priest, named Bob, talked to me about speaking in tongues, and he referred us to the Catholic charismatic group who prayed weekly over me. I had told them about the woman who rented our home, the curse which I felt had been dropped on me, the blood sacrifice and so forth. They came against this curse and prayed over me week after week. I was at first quite offended by their use of tongues and found that raising my hands to worship was very different from anything that I had experienced. I was desperate, however, and so we continued to attend these meetings where there were people to love and embrace us. My mind began to clear and my body gained some strength. My appetite returned, and I went from a girl’s size 12 or 14 back into women’s size clothing, although I was still very tiny. The members of the group asked me if I loved JESUS , and I told them that I did not know. The New Age thought still had some hold on me. They too encouraged us to try to pray in tongues and to ask the LORD for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. All of this was extremely foreign to us!! In obedience to those I had grown to love, I tried my best to pray in tongues but without success. 

The fear had finally left, and when I was well enough, I began to pray daily in our glorious solarium. An old friend from Boulder came to see us. I was witnessing Christ to this person and telling her that if she would seek first the kingdom of God that all other things would follow. Many other Biblical things were flooding out of me. I did not know where all of this was coming from, and the change in me seemed to make her so uncomfortable that she decided to leave a day early. The next day I went out into that lovely solarium and told God that if I had received that Baptism in the Holy Spirit to please give me the gift of tongues now. And out they came… and came… and came. I was filled with such a joy, and right there, all alone, I gave my heart to JESUS. There was no stopping me in my deep hunger to know the LORD and His Word. He quickly gave me many more gifts of the Holy Spirit, and the Word of God became so very alive. Indeed I hungered to know the LORD more deeply in this way.

Thus, my hellish journey had a beautiful ending…very, very beautiful, and that is how I learned that once people are trapped into these seductive New Age teachings they can only be delivered by prayer. Because of this experience, I am able to discern New Age thought very quickly and now worry about it when I read it in articles written by Kingdom ministers. This is my not so subtle warning to you that these doctrines can literally lead to DEATH. I was one of the blessed ones whom Father brought into the LIGHT. My health was supernaturally restored, and I appeared more vibrant than ever. I have lived for the LORD all of these years in PEACE. Please be careful, and if you need help with discernment, feel free to contact me as I totally understand and long to help you.

God bless you all…Your little sister,


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