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Jun 29 2008

Deceptions Abound!

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Deceptions Abound!

I am feeling very excited in my spirit seeing the vast darkness covering the world knowing that the GLORY of the LORD is soon to manifest through His Firstfruits who will sweep the lands with a mighty BOLD LOVE and separate the Truth from the LIE through the POWER of that LOVE. Yes, GOD is LOVE, and the fulfillment of I Corinthians 13 is soon to manifest in those who have been prepared through years and years of trial, testing, and great suffering. We shall go forth dripping in the merciful love of our Father!

I was listening to the radio several nights ago, and they were talking about a new movie called “Bloodline” which is gaining an incredibly captive audience both within and without the church!! The title stems from the premise that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene and produced offspring and that EVERYONE shares the Blood and DNA of these two. That part is an old deceptive doctrine, although there is much excitement about some new relics found in France…a wedding chalice, etc. that “prove” this “truth.” Some claim to have abandoned the faith because of this. In the movie the LORD’S death and resurrection are abolished as they have discovered bodies which they claim are those of JESUS and His wife Mary.

Furthermore, they are claiming that this “revelation” represents the Second Coming of JESUS!!  They say the word apocalypse means “revelation.” This seems a perversion of the word for it is defined in Webster’s as “a writing prophesying a cataclysm in which evil forces are destroyed.” Their prediction is that this new “revelation” on Jesus and Mary, their skeletal remains, and the unearthed relics will destroy the church as we know it as people everywhere embrace it. I find it very interesting how people (human nature) is so quick to find fault with the Word of God and latch on to everything that perverts it as it comes along. We have the Way, the Truth, the Life, the Good News of salvation by grace. Why in the world would anyone even WANT to believe this deception…except…that Father has preordained a great falling away. So hold on, brothers and sisters, as I believe this one is going to take many that will soon be needing us desperately. You will be hearing about it everywhere as it has premiered in New York and California and is now to be released to the public. Their website is I have not yet been able to access it as the response to this is so huge the site is jammed! There are, however, related sites that will give you much information. I tell you these things to empower you to help those who might still be open to the Gospel. Knowing what is out there sometimes helps arm us for the battle.

Fortunately, these producers, who have actually been threatened by the Vatican, do not know who the real Church is…those of us who have been hidden away in the Secret Place of the Most High. Oh hallelujah…our hour is so close at hand! May we FOCUS ALL of our attention on our LORD and on His WORD for it will keep us strong, steady, and equipped for battle. May we also yield to the powerful workings of the Holy Spirit in this hour as He rips many of us away from our “comfort zones” while empowering us to walk in FAITH and reveals much formerly hidden sin. I am personally having these things revealed to me in dreams, and I awaken just devastated, repentant, and grateful that these things are being shown to me so that I can make a concerted effort to walk away from them. . .things that I never even thought of! I encourage you to abide, abide, abide and listen intently for His Voice in all people, places, and circumstances. He is constantly speaking to us in the most remarkable ways now!! Isn’t it exciting?! Oh the JOY that is set before us if we can be obedient in this hour.

Be blessed. Be encouraged.


“For many will come in (on the strength of) My name [appropriating the name which belongs to Me], saying, I am the Christ (the Messiah), and they will lead many astray.”

Matthew 24: 5

“If anyone says to you then, Behold, here is the Christ (the Messiah)! Or, There He is! – do not believe it.

“For false Christs and false prophets will arise, and they will show great signs and wonders so as to deceive and lead astray, if possible, even the elect (God’s chosen ones).”

Matthew 24: 23, 24



I am having computer problems with my new laptop which will require me to return it to the manufacturer tomorrow. Thank God it is still under warranty. Although I am hoping that my computer technician will be able to get my desktop set up on line with accessibility to the website, if there is a lapse in blogs, you will know why. I will definitely have e-mail, so I look forward to communicating with you one on one. I also sense the LORD calling me to a short season of deep communion with Him and very attentive listening. Thank you for your patience, and please know that each of you will be in my thoughts and prayers as always.

In His Great LOVE. . .Your little sister,


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Jun 25 2008

The Heavenly Sanctuary

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One Sunday morning I was taken in my spirit to heaven into the most beautiful sanctuary one could imagine suspended in the mid heavens. This was JERUSALEM. . .the very HEART of JESUS! Yes, the LORD carried me into this place, and there I stood face to face with so many of the apostles and saints I knew and loved in the Spirit. Everyone assembled herein had been drawn by the Holy Spirit from both Heaven and Earth, and they were bowing down to one another saying, “Thank you for giving your life for the Lamb.” I was so stunned that they were thanking me for I felt that I had not really done anything compared with these others. The love that flowed there was so beautiful, submissive, and grateful. . .each loving the other better than himself. . .washing the others’ feet. My feet were washed also, and they began anointing me with the finest heavenly oils. I was clearly in a changed body for my blond hair was like golden flax spilling out everywhere. I appeared very young and wore a lovely white tunic with solid gold sandals, and I was absolutely filled with LOVE and with an enormous POWER.

Now as all were thus anointed and adorned. . .these perfected, completed ones. . .an incredible anointing was released from the heavens far away. . .from the very Throne of GOD. It was the anointing of the Heart of GOD ~ and it came upon us as explosive bursts of a rosy substance which was absolutely intoxicating! Each time the burst came through an open portal in the ceiling of the sanctuary, we were taken to the ground, and with each successive burst, we were actually falling more and more in love with each other. I felt so in love with these souls I could have burst. The anointing of GOD was bringing the BODY of CHRIST into spiritual agreement. He was calling the Christed Body to function in the same agreement that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit do ~ in perfect agreement.

The next thing I knew we were soaring throughout the cosmos, defeating every dark thing (huge powers and principalities) absolutely effortlessly in the twinkling of an eye. . .and all the while filled with an enormous BOLD LOVE. This was indeed the Fire Dance about which I have written many times. Oh glory to GOD, if I could only describe it as experienced!

In the third part of this experience, the same group of saints was standing before the Throne of GOD looking out from it as elders would stand in certain churches on a Sunday morning to anoint the sick. As I looked out, my heart exploded with JOY as I saw multitudes, MULTITUDES of people moving forward for this “altar call”. . .this final and most glorious harvest of souls. They stood, knelt, or fell prostrate as they approached the Throne. I was ministering as they came forth saying, “The SEAL of the LORD JESUS CRIST be upon you Child”. . .holding each beautiful head in my hands as I continued to anoint these cherished souls. And they came, and came, and came. . .as we all continued to bless them and bestow the SEAL.

Oh saints, I pray you can feel the anointing on this, for indeed I weep as I describe it to you. It made every struggle, sickness, temptation, and death to my carnal nature more than worth it!! It gave me a strong desire to work in the UNSEEN realms of the Spirit. And I share these things with the prayer that you will receive the necessary HUNGER to bring you finally and completely to the LORD JESUS CHRIST. . .as an overcomer. . .pure and holy before GOD.


“Go then, and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them into the name of the Father and the Son and of the Holy Spirit. . .”

Matthew 28:19

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Jun 20 2008

Eternal City of Light

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Thou must learn to abide on the resurrection side of the cross for in Me thou art liberated from the curse ~ result of original sin. Thou canst find a place of KNOWING, of perfect FREEDOM, of PURITY in heart. As thy spirit and Mine commune within the eternal realms of LIGHT, thou art lifted out of thy boundaries and limitations, SEEING beyond the natural realm into the unblemished realm of the Spirit where there is no blending nor crossing over of light and dark, good and evil. Thou shalt taste of the exquisite beauty of the Eternal City, its PURITY, its radiance, its BOLD LOVE, its JUSTICE. There is an everlasting JOY available to thee once ye choose to break bonds and FLY. Find the Eternal City within thee and practice abiding within its walls. When ye become tempted or distracted, departing through its gates, take note and quickly return for My Arms await thee.

Yes, My Kingdom is within thee in ways thou hast not yet realized. . .more beautiful than anything seen on earth with the natural eye, this realm is the Holy of Holies within thee. This is thy very Secret Place, My gift and love offering to thee. This Point of LOVE is connected to the heavenly spheres, to divine Wisdom, to omniscience ~ the seeing of things unobservable to the natural eye ~ indeed ~ to the eternal Heartessence of God.

Once thou hast experienced this glorious realm of infinite PEACE, thou wilt find it quite simple and utterly desirable to slip in quickly to make moment to moment choices for Me, to see Me, hear Me, and obey My directives, for thou abidest with Me.

You and I

locked together

in a timeless LOVE. . .

in a Kingdom

of LIGHT and LIFE.


As I communed with GOD one evening, there was a sudden perception of being ONE with heavenly Jerusalem. I am this City and it is, in some way, me ~ woven into me ~ every part of me so I am inseparable from Her.

“And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.”

Revelation 21:2“He who overcomes. . .I will write on him the name of My God, and the name of the city of My God, the new Jerusalem, which descends from My God out of heaven.

Revelation 3:12


I AM the NEW JERUSALEM, and when you merge with Me in COMPLETION, thou shalt join Me in the capital and center of the Holy nation of Israel. . .the very Heart of the Kingdom of GOD.

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Jun 20 2008

My Journey into the New Age Movement

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As I launched into this journey I was obviously not yet born again and Spirit-filled. I had been raised by wonderful parents who took me to an Episcopal Church regularly. Both Mom and Dad were Sunday School teachers,  and Dad was an usher. Although I learned nothing about the meaning of the precious Blood of our Savior nor the need of such a sacrifice, when I knelt in the sanctuary, my heart hungered for God. I was touched, and His loving hand was clearly upon me and drawing me.When I went away to school, I attended another Episcopal church. I would ask the priest why there was this need for “a middle man…”(JESUS!) He seemed unable to explain it to me!! I asked him repeatedly with the same result. Thus I grew up loving Father, but I had no personal relationship with JESUS and was not covered by His Blood.

I graduated, was married, and had my son, Brian. For many years I worked as a speech and language pathologist in medical schools and clinics. We had agreed that Brian would go to a private school, and prior to his leaving, a friend told me about the Unity Church and said that they believed as I…that JESUS was not necessary. He said it was very upbeat and that I would enjoy it. They did beautiful meditations and had wonderful music. Thus, in my quest for God, I attended, and he was right, I found it to be very spiritual, and it spoke to my heart. I loved the music of many flutes. My Anglican priest said that he hoped that I would still come for holy communion, but he also failed to advise me that I would be abandoning the LORD JESUS CHRIST by attending Unity! In other words, it seemed that Father was allowing me to enter into this hellish deception. Shortly thereafter I began taking classes in pastoral counseling at a New Age Institute for Transpersonal Psychology. These classes greatly challenged me, and I was glad to be studying again and looked forward to serving God in this way.

Since childhood I had knelt by my bed in the morning and prayed. I never let my son Brian go to sleep without reading a story and singing our prayer. The Holy Spirit kept wooing me through all of this.

When Brian went away to school, I wanted to rent out our large home with its memories and just get a cabin in the mountains temporarily. Always the adventurer, my husband agreed to this. A lady came to us who said that she held “healing seminars.” I checked out her references carefully and looked forward to the home being used for something so wonderful.

Depression set in very quickly without our son at home full time. He has always had a spirit of incredible JOY which I missed terribly. To ease the pain I began to go to New Age therapists who would swing crystals over me and attempt “aura balancing.” I truly believed this would work. I also saw another therapist who had me doing deep breathing very rapidly, and it took me into altered states that greatly opened me to the demonic realms. Then there were the yoga lessons which included meditation and guided visualization.  Positive affirmations became a part of my daily life, and I honestly belived that they would bring me whatever I wanted. I spent hours meditating and was opened up to highly altered states of consciousness.

I had taken a Bible to the cabin along with our dog, but I never found any life in the words. A friend at work invited me to her home for a Tarot card session. I cannot recall the outcome of this session, but nothing was helping. My husband was clearly not a believer and simply watched sadly as I participated in various things to ease my pain…piano lessons, ballet, yoga classes, visiting psychics.

The lady who rented our home had clearly never liked me; she was abrupt and unpleasant on the phone when I called about her late payments. We had left the home furnished with everything right down to the sheets and sterling silver, and one day I asked her for permission to come in and do a property inventory. She finally conceded to allow me to come in with two friends…a man and a lady. My husband was at work. We had lived there for eleven years, and I knew exactly what was there, and so we just went through and checked things off on a typewritten list. There were many strange New Age posters around, and the house felt “eerie.” As we were leaving, I looked at my friends and said, “I cannot explain this, but I feel completely altered.” It was like my soul had been siphoned from my body, and within days I was riddled with a FEAR that is indescribable. I sat and literally shook. It became so bad that I had to stop working. I went without much food or sleep. I somehow knew this tenant had dropped a curse on me, but I did not realize that my affiliation with these seductive New Age doctrines had opened me right up to it.

I attempted to do some volunteer work at the New Age center, but I was too frightened to even do that. I felt like my whole being was being shattered continually. Never in a million years could I describe to you the hell I was going through. My very concerned physician husband was totally perplexed and did not know what to do.

One morning I awakened in an even further altered state, and all of the muscles of my body had “fallen” so that I was not recognizable. My teeth chipped off from malnutrition and were like saw blades cutting into my lower lip until it bled. I went to my dentist to have them bonded. My right side was partially “paralyzed,” and I seemed unclear as to where I was or how to go about my daily activities for about a week. My hair looked like electricity had gone through it. My husband sent me to a neurologist as we felt I had suffered a stroke. He said that I had not had one, but he had no explanation for my condition. I actually could NOT put my right arm down nor move my right leg as quickly as the other. I asked the doctor if I was dying, and all he could say was that I was still breathing. I was skin and bones. It was an absolute horror story. No one had the discernment to know what was truly operational here.

We eventually had to evict our tenant for lack of rent payment, and she even left an animal blood sacrifice on the doorstep and the entrails at our neighbor’s door. Clearly she had either been a witch or Satan worshiper. Eventually I became unable to care for myself well, and my husband had to fill in. He did all of the cooking even though I was unable to eat much at all, and we already had a housekeeper. I would spend my days sitting and shaking violently.

I tried to drive but did so poorly. I was so depressed that I spoke in very few words. In desperation we decided to leave the area and move to the Pacific Northwest where my brother lived. Prior to finding a home, we stayed with my brother and his wife. The fear persisted in shooting through my body. They tried to feed me, but I could not eat. Eventually my brother told me that I was dying and that I was not going to die in his house. Thus we rented a home temporarily.

We decided to attend the Episcopal church in this town, and it turned out that this priest was Spirit-filled. I went to see him for counseling, and he told me to try to visualize JESUS and begin to establish a relationship with Him. At first I related to JESUS as a Brother. This priest, named Bob, talked to me about speaking in tongues, and he referred us to the Catholic charismatic group who prayed weekly over me. I had told them about the woman who rented our home, the curse which I felt had been dropped on me, the blood sacrifice and so forth. They came against this curse and prayed over me week after week. I was at first quite offended by their use of tongues and found that raising my hands to worship was very different from anything that I had experienced. I was desperate, however, and so we continued to attend these meetings where there were people to love and embrace us. My mind began to clear and my body gained some strength. My appetite returned, and I went from a girl’s size 12 or 14 back into women’s size clothing, although I was still very tiny. The members of the group asked me if I loved JESUS , and I told them that I did not know. The New Age thought still had some hold on me. They too encouraged us to try to pray in tongues and to ask the LORD for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. All of this was extremely foreign to us!! In obedience to those I had grown to love, I tried my best to pray in tongues but without success. 

The fear had finally left, and when I was well enough, I began to pray daily in our glorious solarium. An old friend from Boulder came to see us. I was witnessing Christ to this person and telling her that if she would seek first the kingdom of God that all other things would follow. Many other Biblical things were flooding out of me. I did not know where all of this was coming from, and the change in me seemed to make her so uncomfortable that she decided to leave a day early. The next day I went out into that lovely solarium and told God that if I had received that Baptism in the Holy Spirit to please give me the gift of tongues now. And out they came… and came… and came. I was filled with such a joy, and right there, all alone, I gave my heart to JESUS. There was no stopping me in my deep hunger to know the LORD and His Word. He quickly gave me many more gifts of the Holy Spirit, and the Word of God became so very alive. Indeed I hungered to know the LORD more deeply in this way.

Thus, my hellish journey had a beautiful ending…very, very beautiful, and that is how I learned that once people are trapped into these seductive New Age teachings they can only be delivered by prayer. Because of this experience, I am able to discern New Age thought very quickly and now worry about it when I read it in articles written by Kingdom ministers. This is my not so subtle warning to you that these doctrines can literally lead to DEATH. I was one of the blessed ones whom Father brought into the LIGHT. My health was supernaturally restored, and I appeared more vibrant than ever. I have lived for the LORD all of these years in PEACE. Please be careful, and if you need help with discernment, feel free to contact me as I totally understand and long to help you.

God bless you all…Your little sister,


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Jun 08 2008

“A Course in Miracles”

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This three volume work is the New Age equivalent to our Bible. These “New Agers” have study groups weekly and practice the concepts taught within its content. I was a student of the “Course” many years ago before being born again and Spirit-filled. As an Episcopalian I was lured by the “spirituality” in lieu of the form, tradition, and rituals with which I had been raised. My priest was saddened and encouraged me to at least come for the Eucharist. I did not having been swept away by the love among this group, the sweet meditations, and the positive aspects of “A Course in Miracles.” Many with whom I speak know of someone studying this work, and Oprah Winfrey is now teaching it on the radio at least nation wide. We do know that anything Oprah endorses immediately increases in popularity. A Kingdom minister openly endorses Oprah and her New Age friends and their teachings stating that they have more to offer than the Church. It was stated that they are on “the cutting edge of leading God’s people.” This greatly alarmed me as I know how seductive this spirit is; it led me down a path which nearly took my very life!! So let us look at what this “Course” actually is.

Helen Schucman, a Jewish atheistic psychologist from Columbia University began in 1965 to channel messages from a spirit that she claimed identified itself as Jesus Christ. From this “voice” she produced well over a thousand pages of “revelation” during a period of seven years. Since Schucman took down this dictation from her “Spirit Guide,” people like Marianne Williams, Dr. Gerald Jampolsky, and many others have made it part of their mission to bring the growing numbers of Christians into spiritual confusion and convince them of their need to find their own spirit guides while leading them to exchange the Truth for the lie.

The Course teaches such things as God did not create the world, we are all equally Christ (a current Kingdom message teaching!), and Jesus did not suffer and die for man’s sake. The Course follows the New Age teaching that only love is real and all that is negative is illusion. (This is a teaching of Eckhart Tolle whom Kingdom ministers are endorsing…so what do we do about evil which we KNOW does exists!? It is inherent in this Course itself!)

According to the Course, sickness, hate, pain, guilt and sin are all illusions. The latter would implicate that their was no need of a Savior to die for the sins of man. According to them, there is no sin! A quick look around us convinces us that sin does indeed exist, and it is that which we must overcome. It teaches that evil does not exist. Guilt is only a reality for those who don’t believe they are part of the divine. (We as Christians know that we are NOW part of the Divine because we are born from above and have the Spirit of JESUS within us). The New Agers believe that ALL are DIVINE and must become awakened to this fact. They state the Jesus was the only person who was aware of His divinity. Volume I states that “No one is punished for sins, and the Sons of God are not sinners.” Once again, this, of course, eliminates any need for our LORD’S sacrifice on the Cross. Any theology that leaves out original sin, the shed Blood of JESUS, His death on the Cross for all sins, and His resurrection is NOT Christianity. There are Kingdom messages right now which you may be reading that are NOT Christianity…they are “another gospel.”

The goal of New Agers is to pervert the Word of God by using Christian terminology. Our local spiritual awareness center celebrated Easter this spring. They truly believe that Christ is being resurrected within them (even though JESUS is not yet within them,) but once again, the focus is on self rather than the LORD. Volume 3 of the Course (the Manual for Teachers) says, “It cannot be too strongly emphasized that this Course aims at a complete reversal of thought.”

In the Course the word ATONEMENT no longer refers to Jesus Christ’s death on the Cross for sin. In the Course, atonement refers to the belief that men are not separate from God. They teach that Jesus’ death on the Cross is not to pay for sin but to show that sin and death had no affect on Him.

The following are a couple of quotes from the Introduction to the “Course in Miracles:”

“Some of the ideas the workbook presents you will find hard to believe, and others may seem to be quite startling. (Indeed! ds) This does not matter. You are merely asked to apply the ideas as you are directed (mind control! ds) to do. You are not asked to judge them at all (Discern good from evil or the Truth from the lie…ds). You are asked only to use them. It is their use that will give them meaning to you and will show you that they are true. (They are NOT TRUE…ds)

“Remember only this: you need not believe the ideas, you need not accept them, and you need not even welcome them. Some of them you may actively resist. None of this will matter or decrease their efficacy. But do not allow yourself to make exceptions in applying the ideas the workbook contains and whatever your reactions to the ideas may be, use them. Nothing more than that is required..” Beloved, this is MIND CONTROL pure and simple, and it has entered our camp! I beseech you to remain alert to any messenger who advocates this “Course” or affiliated writings. If you have any questions regarding the discernment of these spirits, I am here and available to help you. Their seduction is so very alluring, the terminology so beautifully written, the emphasis on LOVE very true, and it becomes a very STRONG pull away from the Gospel of Jesus Christ where there is TRUE peace, love, and joy. (They too love these words and apply them with exuberance.) Their services end by holding hands and singing “Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me.” That does sound so very good. You see they actually believe by everyone becoming aware of their divinity and walking in the love of God that a “New Age” is right on the horizon which will heal all of the ills of this planet. We know that JESUS is going to JUDGE the world and bring down the kingdoms of this world in order to establish His Own Kingdom. It directly opposes our Biblical beliefs exalting SELF rather than Father and Son, and yet Christians are falling for these teachings by the droves. When I last phoned one of my dear sisters, she was on her way to a Buddhist retreat center and told me that JESUS did not exist any longer. I asked her whom she worshiped, and she said Christ. Now at the end of our Book in Revelation it says that “Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.” It does not say Christ! Jesus is VERY much alive and with us…yea He is within us…and that is how REAL HE IS!! I told this sister in love that I feared she had lost her way, and she replied, “I don’t think so.” It has been my experience that once people are caught in this “WEB of DECEPTION” that only prayer can bring them out. So as a woman of GOD I hope to spare any who are not yet led astray from this deadly teaching!

These concepts are very popular in many of the denominational churches now. Three that come to mind are Roman Catholics, Episcopalians, and Methodists, and I am sure there are many others. I do believe that the Vatican will be very instrumental in spearheading many of these concepts and leading the world into a one world religion that will incorporate all of the teachings of the “Course.” One need only to look at the books that are popular today to know this is true, for example, “The Secret,” (endorsed by Kingdom teachers), and “The Secret beyond the Secret.” I am well aware of these mind control ideas (which are the direct OPPOSITE of surrender to the will of God) as I decided to receive Dr. Eric Amidi’s e-mail lessons on how to “Believe and Manifest.” Now dear, brothers and sisters, he is MOST convincing, and many in this world are practicing all of these teachings. We Christians are as aliens and sojourners here. We are a strange and separate people. Let us remain that way and embrace the Word of God as we have never embraced it before. It is important that each one of us remains accountable to others in the Body so as to not be led astray by these horrific deceptions!

I shall be writing more on these New Age topics, but please know that I am covering each of you in prayer, crying out to Father to keep you in HIS FOLD!!

For further information I strongly encourage you to contact Elaine Cook (linked to my web site) for her booklets entitled “Scattered Sheep” and “The New Age…Counterfeit Feast.” They are highly informative and will assist you in ministering to others delving into these deceptive ideas.

In His LOVE,…(a former New Ager),



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Jun 01 2008

Ravishing His Heart

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My plans were to go out this Sunday afternoon, but following my prayer time in bed, the glory of God began to rain down upon me. This rain was many, many shades of GREEN speaking of newness, LIFE, health, and NEW BEGINNINGS, which is, of course, what the number eight (2008) means. I sense we are stepping out into a NEW DIMENSION of God’s Spirit. It is a “higher road,” yea even on into the eternal realms where we are scripturally called to ABIDE (make our dwelling place.) The LORD is calling us to leave the things of the earth and man behind for He now longs to pervade every cell, molecule, and atom of our earth as we YIELD.

When God shows up like this, I drop everything when possible. It is important to note that I had already given Him the First Fruits of my day, and this, my beloved brothers and sisters, ravishes His Heart.

I was speaking with a sister this morning about my last article about giving our LORD some undivided attention. I asked her to please imagine a child sitting in a rocking chair with the Father looking upon him or her as he/she waited ,and waited, longing, listening, basking in His Presence…enjoying the LORD!  I said, “Dear sister, do you not think that any father’s heart would be ravished? Why he would not only embrace this child but long to shower him or her with GIFTS… treasures.” In this way He opens up His treasure chest to us and selects the exact thing that we need…perhaps not the desire of our heart right then…but the things that will bring us into the complete and full stature of His Son, Christ the LORD.

Suddenly such a union with God overcame me that I felt swept away. He imparted a knowing that my steps were perfectly, perfectly ordered as I listened and obeyed. A sign on the inside of my front door reads, “In His will is our PEACE.” I long for people to see this as they are leaving.

I am soaring towards the Sun now. . .I sense to meet my Beloved JESUS.  He is rarely seen apart from me any longer as He was when I was writing Solitary Rider over ten years ago, and I doubt that He is apart from you either. He is resting right within your heart; so crawl in and REST in Him…ABIDE. “He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall remain stable and fixed under the shadow of the Almighty [Whose power no foe can withstand]. Psalm 91:1

This is a new month. Things are lush and green and growing. The summer solstice approaches on June 21, my son Brian’s birthday and the day I performed my TASK. It is a season of celebration and renewal for those of us who hunger and thirst after righteousness, who pant after the LORD.  I believe we might be crossing over into new territory. We are already in Tabernacles, but there are again many stages and levels in this realm. We continue to go from glory to glory to glory. . .eternally. Our Father is the eternal Creator, and I believe we shall always be changing.

Saints, I do not believe that the change is to be anticipated; I believe it has already begun if we will just step into it. Those with listening ears, hungering hearts, and eyes that SEE will recognize these changing seasons. I have visions today of the many sick among us rising up and becoming the most glorious, whole beings.

Now I am given to see beautiful hues of turquoise all around me. It seems to be the color of this new land. It is one of my favorite colors and falls into the category of a shade of BLUE which means divinity. There are also lovely white feathers floating around symbolic of the HOLY SPIRIT. I am impressed by a brand new awareness and union with the Spirit and pray for an eventual impartation of the Seven Spirits of God.  I am swept into the prayer of transforming union and hear the Word “transformation” so clearly.

Everything is turquoise here. Even we seem to have an element of this color about us and blend in PERFECTLY with the heavenly landscape. It is simply indescribably beautiful! Yes, the Father shows me GOLD which is definitely descriptive of His divine nature. He says, “Walk before Me and be perfect.”

The creation is excited, expectant, joyful as God’s Sons and Daughters are prepared to step forth into the eternal realms. This turquoise realm seems to be a place of “fine tuning.” We shall hopefully soon begin the awesome and beloved TASK of redemption and release. We must continue to cry out for the Baptism of FIRE (for purging) and LOVE (the impartation of the Father’s Heart.) He seems READY…are WE? May we rejoice and cry out, “Yes…Yes!”

I fall prostrate and weeping for each of us in this hour.

Amen and hallelujah!


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