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May 30 2008

The Multifaceted Christed Body

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Like an exquisite DIAMOND, the Christed Body will represent all of the facets of our LORD JESUS’ ministry years. In our early walk and through Pentecost, we each probably represented one or more of these facets over the others. For example, some preached, others prophesied, some were excellent teachers, some shepherds and comforters, others were anointed evangelists, some had apostolic ministries, others exhorted, and so forth. The LORD has ministered to me today on how all of these facets are not only coming together corporately but individually as well. Because we are moving on in Tabernacles, we are being filled with the whole or full stature of JESUS. It is He within us Who will teach, heal, convict, forgive, encourage, heal, and everything else that He did. We will EACH manifest ALL that He is and then corporately manifest this fullness. Is this what JESUS meant when He said, “And greater works than these shall ye do?” What a perfectly glorious thought! Come quickly, LORD JESUS, COME.

In my early years and even now, JESUS told me that He wanted me on the MOUNTAIN with Him which is why He has given me those lovely cosmic mountain top experiences. Do you not believe that He was up in those realms every minute of His earthly ministry but especially when He communed alone with Father? I believe He has chosen to do this because I tend to be a “fragile plant’ whom He has affectionately called “Sprout” for many years. This word appears only once in the Bible in Job 14:7: “For there is hope for a tree if it is cut down, that it will sprout again and that the tender shoots of it will not cease.” This so describes my life!

My son, Brian, and I were once driving at midnight over the pass in Rocky Mountain National Park. . .one of our wild expeditions! There was a full moon which enabled us to see everything, and my how beautiful and even surrealistic those snowy mountain tops appeared! This was surely evidence of GOD! At the summit there is an area called the Alpine Tundra. In that region there are extremely delicate little plants which only grow at these high elevations…perhaps 12,000 feet or so. There is a sign warning visitors not to touch or walk upon these fragile pieces of foliage. It was then that Father told me that I was like unto one of these. . .not a nice hearty sunflower or zinnia… oh no, I was surviving up high in the heat of the Sun and where there is less oxygen. In short, although small and a bit fragile, I was a survivor to the first degree!

I share this with you in complete vulnerability. There is no saint that is quicker to confess a sin as I. I simply cannot harbor it even though I one day realized that I heard no others doing likewise. My personality is open and honest…perhaps too much so at times… and there is little that I wish to hide from anyone. All of my life I have been somewhat fragile both emotionally and physically. . .sensitive and easily hurt. . .yet able to survive every setback that has come my way some of which I shall be sharing in future blogs and with you and on a personal basis. I had parents whom I needed to perform for to win love and approval, so if I were getting a B on a report card, I would on occasion go to that teacher and beg him or her to change it to an A. That is really pathetic, and it took a toll on me. I was also an abused woman for many years and have since volunteered my services at battered women’s shelters. Yet, the LORD has His reasons, and He knows the beginning from the end. He doesn’t miss a beat and allows all that it will take to break us and mold us until Christ finally appears and absorbs our soul into HIS own. Holy union at last, at last.

I share this with you as I feel the LORD has so delighted me personally and taken me through the stars and planets, back and forth in time, to the throne room, the counsel table and so forth because He probably felt I would not survive without this tenderness and intimacy along with some spiritual “treats.” Please understand that in sharing my walk I am NEVER implying that all are called to walk as I have. Some have criticized my publishing mystical things with you, but others have written me that it has created a hunger and a passion within them to seek out the “higher,” “loftier,” and more intimate things in their spiritual relationship with Father and Son. I pray these comments hold true. Many of you are called to walk in an entirely different way…perhaps by FAITH and not by sight. You may be a very wonderful Biblical scholar and exuberant teacher of His Word. You might have the gift of healing. A dear sister has the call to pastor but does not do so within the confines of a church. If I need encouragement in the LORD, I run to her.

I DO however believe that with the many facets of JESUS emerging within each Body member that ALL will have the opportunity to mount the peaks of experiences in Him. I find that it usually occurs among those who live alone and do not watch TV, spend hours on the computer, radio, or other medias. They cast themselves on their LORD, abide, and commune for many, many hours. It is sad that family life with its inherent problems and responsibilities limits most from enjoying the LORD to the highest degree. Perhaps there are ways for the desperate seeker to separate themselves from this stimulation and steal some time to be alone with Him. I know that our dear brother David Wilkerson claims to do this along with many, many prophetic people. It is indeed ESSENTIAL!! I find that most I know wake up, jump out of bed, run to work or turn on their radios and TV’s! Saints, this is the very time that the LORD speaks the loudest! It is even scriptural! When I wake up, I instantly lift my spirit up to Him. Then I begin to pray by the Spirit and turn on a worship CD in order to begin my day with praise. This sometimes takes two hours. It is only then that I get up, prepare for the day, and turn on my computer to check my e-mails. Tithing goes beyond giving sums of money. It is my feeling that we are to give the LORD the firstfruits of our day! And why do I linger with Him? I am desperate for more of Him and eager to share my deep, deep love with Him. Only He can impart that desperation.

Another thing that I firmly believe in is spiritual accountability. Because the LORD has taken me on these wonderful journeys, He has placed spiritual mothers and fathers in my path at all times with whom I could share and ask for discernment of my “experiences.” I owe these great women and men of faith a great deal for they have been sent by God to guide me every step of the way. We ought to love being challenged and sharpened at all times. Don’t you like to hear or read something that makes you long to climb to the next rung of the ladder or to abandon yourself more fully to the LORD? That is why He has left the writings of spiritual “giants” for us to use as role models. The Word of God should always reprove us and/or speak to us personally. We “pray the Word” in order to speak intimately with the LORD about what He is saying to us personally through this particular portion of scripture. I imagine that is why there are so many interpretations of some scriptures, but we MUST read by the Spirit and not by the letter. It is His LOVE LETTER to us, and we should embrace it as such.

I see how very close we are now to becoming ONE with Him and with each other in answer to JESUS’ prayer that they all may be ONE. Our goal is to walk into the fulfillment of Galatians 2:20. . .”It is no longer I who live, but Christ (the Messiah) lives in me…” It is my spiritual impression that by the end of Paul’s ministry he had died to himself. And that my dear brothers and sisters is our mission in this realm.

Please, let us each encourage one another, LOVE one another, and accept each other’s differences. Remember that Father did not create any two snowflakes alike. How much more creative would He be with His Son’s true Body? We are to bear with each other through all trials especially when we are not at our best spiritually or emotionally. Let us treat each other as the beautiful unique soul/spirit that Father breathed His Life and Spirit into.

I feel to close this blog with a writing from Solitary Rider which further bares my soul, and which I feel each of you will relate to. Be blessed. Be encouraged!

The Butterfly

(Weeping Wings)

My Master created me

powder detail perfect…

each line and curve and color



…one of a kind…

and He made my wings so delicate


gently placing powder in perfect place

before He spoke me forth…


Be unique

Be exquisite

Be beautiful

in Me…

for Me!”

But sinful man disregarded the Spirit…

began to tamper with these wings Heaven crafted…

was not gentle


to pick me up without destroying

the patterned powder

Divinity had inscribed.

He tried to quench the beautiful God-given Spirit

by roughly placing me within a colorless box

lacking luster…lacking life

and even began to tamper with my glorious wings

‘til finally trapped there…unable to breathe…

I folded up…

No longer free-flying

no longer beautiful

no longer able

to glorify You…

Weeping wings…O weeping wings…

My wings wept in their destruction

…in their pain…

‘til one day

sinful man turned from the ash heap I had become…

backed off discouraged

and I emerged all crumpled


near death…

to begin anew.

I learned to fly again

as God gently buoyed me up upon His Hand

and placed me in a natural habitat


then replaced my colors in hues reflecting Paradise…

a fresh powder sprinkling upon the wings restored

by His Breath of LIFE…

Then finally

this FREE ONE was lifted up by Spirit

more glorious than anyone could imagine

or believe possible…

by Silver Cord sustained,

Your Hand had never left me..





My Life-Cycle completed in You…

O King of LIFE!

Everyone was created powder detail perfect, and I

shall be careful how I handle those the Master crafted.


Sending my love,


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May 22 2008

Theresa ~ The Little Reaper

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Across the street from my condominium, is a large field of beautiful desert foliage, rock formations, and bark trails leading to a lovely spring fed lake surrounded by Aspens and Blue Spruce. The Cascade Range is fully visible from this sacred spot, and I feel as if it were my own personal sanctuary.One November day I walked briskly over to my lake with a sack of “bird bread” (the inexpensive white stuff).  As many of the areas of the lake were frozen, the ducks were huddled together in a region that seems less likely to freeze. Although I began tossing the bread, no bird took notice for quite some time. Then suddenly a snow white duck came swimming over with all of the others following her.  She was definitely the leader, and I knew that she was a little female by her size!

I decided to hold back my stash for a while to see what the birds would do, and as anticipated, they went off looking for another source. Except for ONE.  Yes, you guessed it ~ my little sweetheart.  There she alone was hugging the shore. . .choosing to WAIT.  Thus, as my heart was touched, I tossed her large, choice pieces of bread.  It was God’s Heart within me that was feeling ravished by her trust that there would be more forthcoming.

When at last my bag was emptied, there were a few large pieces that had landed on the shore.  I wanted to call to my friend and asked the LORD what her name should be.  To my surprise, I very clearly received the name “Theresa.”  It made me chuckle as it would you.  What a name for a duck!

So I began to beckon Theresa to come up on the shore, (she had to climb an embankment), and she ate and ate of the very best pieces of bread with no one around her scrambling in competition.

When I returned home, I was most eager to look up the meaning of “Theresa!”  The name means “reaper,”  and it was then that I saw more of the beautiful spiritual parallel the LORD was showing me. She knew the voice of the LORD within me, she waited on Him in faith, and was obedient to His call; thus, she was reaping what she had sown. She, the pure white one (free of fleshly blemishes), was the leader. . .given spiritual authority.  Having spent much time with the LORD, she ravished His heart. “Bride of Christ,” I mused.

Little Reaper, you are blessed, for I shall be back soon to seek you out from among the others and feed you (the Living Bread). Your willingness to be loyal and wait won my heart.

Let us each be alert to the myriads of lessons Father teaches us through His creation. These little souls are very sensitive to the Presence of Christ.  Talk with them.  I think you’ll be surprised as they so hunger for the manifestation of the Sons of God.

I pray each of you will set aside busyness and choose to WAIT on the LORD.  He will come and minister to you.

Love in Him. . .Your little sister,


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May 22 2008

True Love

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“God alone is to be loved for Himself, and all other beings only in Him and for Him.  Now if God alone is to be loved for Himself, then no creature is to loved for itself, and so all self love in every creature is absolutely condemned.“But what is loving any creature in and for God?

It is when we love it only as it is God’s work, image, and delight,

when we love it merely as it is God’s and belongs to Him…

this is loving God:

and when all that we wish, intend, or do to it

is done from a love of God for the honor of God

and in conformity to the will of God.

This is the one love that is, and must be,

the spirit of all who live united to God.

Their love thus begins and ends in God.”

Taken from Wholly for God by William Law and edited by Andrew Murray

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May 14 2008


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I absolutely love it when the LORD speaks to us in the nightseasons when our conscious mind is completely out of the way. As most of you know, we can recognize a prophetic dream as opposed to a soulish one by their intricate detail and the interpretation provided almost immediately upon awakening. The following are a few of those dreams which I felt would be a blessing to you.

1) In the first dream there was a lovely woman ministering to many people, but she had a circle of powerful anointing around her that extended out about twenty feet in diameter. (Twenty is the number of “redemption.”) Each time I tried to approach her, I would be slain in the Spirit at the perimeter of her sphere. This happened repeatedly. I was clearly not vibrating at a sufficiently high level to enter into this level of anointing.

The LORD gave me the following interpretation: The woman represents the Church of the Firstborn. Nothing can touch these Sons and Daughters of God, but they can go out and touch others. . .minister to them. . .redeem them through the precious Blood of JESUS! These ministers are now totally immune from the enemy. The power and LOVE in this anointed sphere was unlike anything I’d ever experienced. May we each press in to this high calling! I know it is time for the first wave to come forth.

2) In a second dream I was part of a very large family. . .perhaps the mother or one of the mothers of this family. We were learning hot air ballooning. Then a group of young ones was going up in a balloon. I called up and told them that they didn’t know how to pull the cord that would bring them back down. They said if you truly wanted to go on with JESUS, this was what you had to do.

This was of course a dream about letting go completely, trusting, and having the FAITH of a little child! The LORD also gave me the Scripture “Come out of her, My people.” (Revelation 18:4) These young ones were certainly “coming out” weren’t they?! This dream spoke to me about the very substance of the FAITH of JESUS resident within us. We need this desperately in this hour and must pray for an impartation of it if we do not have it at all times.

“Truly I say to you, whoever does not accept and receive and welcome the kingdom of God like a little child [does] shall not in any way enter it [at all].” Luke 18:17

“Now FAITH is the assurance (the confirmation, the title deed) of the things [we] hope for, being the proof of things [we] do not see and the conviction of their reality [faith perceiving as real fact what is not revealed to the senses].” Hebrews 11:1 . . .It would be good to read this entire “faith chapter.” ds

3) The third dream is one that has haunted my soul in a rather exquisite way since last August 2, 2007. In this dream I felt overwhelming emotions towards a Man I had married. It was most certainly JESUS, although HE did not resemble the “traditional” picture of out Savior in some ways. He was tall and magnificent with rather short sandy blonde hair, and I was very much in love with Him. He was the Priest of a Church and had chosen to marry me. . .one of no particular status, but following our union I was greatly elevated. Then chaos broke out within the Church. People were telling me that I was not married to Him; I was being totally discredited and disgraced. I cannot ever recall feeling so distraught as this Man was absolute royalty, and I knew this marriage had taken place.

I immediately arose and went before the LORD Who was saying, “Do not let Satan rob you of your inheritance; you are Mine.”

The bliss of this union and the countenance of the LORD as revealed to me in the dream have never left me. At every opportunity my desire is to be alone in communion with Him.

As I shared this with a friend, we decided that there was a great probability that we would have to endure the same disgrace that our LORD endured. And it came from His own.

I have reflected on this and totally believe that in this night something literally transpired in the eternal realms of His Spirit. . .our REALITY.

4) Last night after receiving the “Inspiration for the Day” . . .“Keep on asking and it will be given you, etc.” (Matthew 7:7), I had a short but very profound dream in which my father ( now deceased for many years) kept handing me $100.00 bills. (100 is the number of “the elect” or the 100 fold) He was dressed exactly as I had seen my Dad dressed as he went to work each day with an overcoat and the hat that was worn in those days. When I finally had a great deal of money, I returned the last $100.00 bill to him saying that I had enough.

I immediately awoke and was very puzzled because to my knowledge I have never had a dream about my father. Then the LORD quickened to my spirit that this was about my heavenly Father!  It was a dream of PROMISE. . .the PROMISE of PROVISION and even ABUNDANCE. This came at such a perfect time for me as I’m sure it would for many of you. Prices here rise on a weekly basis. So receive of the Word of the LORD and be BLESSED!


I would love to hear about your dreams, Words, and experiences with the LORD. Please e-mail me at if you would like to share. Thank you.

Love and blessings in the Lord Jesus Christ,


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May 08 2008

The Painted Hills

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As I drove around town today, Father kept showing me how we were each experiencing a different aspect of our growth unto the full stature of JESUS CHRIST. (Ephesians 4:13)  Some wept in Gethsemane, many were suffering on the Cross, some were immobilized in the tomb, while others rejoiced to partake of some resurrection LIFE. Father showed me that His GLORY outpouring could actually carry us to any one of these various places, and that we would transition form place to place either slowly or rapidly. It isn’t unusual to find ourselves in all of them in one day. . .but each is GOOD. . .all glorious!Then He gave me a vision of the John Day Fossil Bed National Park which is close to my city in Oregon. Within this park are the Painted Hills . . . the result of erosion from the lovely John Day River, a tributary of the Columbia River. These hills are absolutely breathtaking in their beauty, and each time I go there I never want to leave. During one visit I saw angels ascending and descending upon the hills. Oh my, there seems to be a definite anointing over this spectacular place. Through this vision, Father was showing me in yet another way that His Body members were in different places represented by the strata or layering in the hills. He made it very clear to me that one layer was no better or worse than any other. . .simply symbols of each important stage of our processing. And many areas of our soul will go through all of these stages, so over and over again we experience them! In these magnificent hills there are layers of color that change in the light and from season to season…primarily reds, blacks, yellows, and golds.

I began to reflect on the meanings of the colors:

Red – The Blood of JESUS, sacrifice, consuming fire, death to self (Zechariah 2:5; Mark 3:11; Joshua 10:25; Haggai 2:4; Luke 12:49)

Black – The tomb where we abide in darkness awaiting resurrection (Matthew 27: 59,60; Mark 15: 46; Luke 23:53; John 19: 41,42)

Yellow – Victory, deliverance, joy, worship in dance, fullness of glory (Psalm 149; Philippians 1: 19-30; Haggai 2:9)

Gold – Divine nature of JESUS, glory, sacred to God, arrival (Matthew 2:11; Malachi 3:3; Hebrews 11)

At this very moment we could probably each select the layer and color that best represents what the LORD is doing with us. . .and it is GOOD!

The other things that He spoke to my heart were the importance of embracing the CROSS in this hour and yielding fully to whatever it is He is working in us for His good pleasure. “Dance,” He said. “Dance and sing praises unto Me no matter what is going on in your life.”

Thus, the picture He was painting was very multicolored/multifaceted and reflected many of the stages of His earthly sojourn right on to Resurrection. Let us YIELD fully to Him, surrender all, sacrifice much, die daily, and arise from the dust as we are given the grace. Isn’t it beautiful to be so loved by JESUS CHRIST…to have been chosen to walk in His footsteps… that we might soon take our positions in the spiritual House of the Living Stones!?

I have been in a place of waiting on the LORD as He processes me and gives me direction in practical matters. One day the outpouring of His Glory was so powerful yet I felt as if my insides were being ripped asunder so that something new could be placed therein. There was so much going on simultaneously for He was also giving me heavenly visions and glimpses of the things ahead for us. My heart’s cry was simply, “Anything, LORD, anything it takes to become like You so that You alone would inhabit me. ” It is no longer I who live, but Christ (the Messiah) lives in me.” Yes, this must be our ultimate goal. . .the end of our earthly sojourn in the Spirit and the beginning of the Glory that is set before us to restore all things to Father. . .however that will occur. Yes, let us be humble and YIELDED! Unto You, LORD JESUS, we surrender ALL!

Please be patient if there are spaces of time between the blogs; it simply means that I am waiting patiently for His direction, receiving Words for the Body, and especially going through my own processing. I am also typing up a second book, Walking in the Wings of GLORY, which I pray will glorify the LORD.

Each pilgrim entering this website is covered by my prayers. Receive!

Peace, Grace, and Love to you,


“May He grant you out of the rich treasury of His glory to be strengthened and reinforced with mighty power in the inner man by the [Holy] Spirit [Himself indwelling your innermost being and personality].” Ephesians 3:16

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May 04 2008

The Cry of the Bride

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May We unite eternally

right within these fleshly templesand let Us shine

shine. . .SHINE

in Thy GLORY

so all will see. . .



Thou canst do this thing!

Make us so pliable and yielded that

we are drawn easily and without resistance

distraction nor mourning

over earthly attachments

into YOU. . .

the great RIVER of LIFE



through us.

Why does it fail to carry us

into a position before Almighty GOD forever?

Why are we not able to step into


and stay there?

Yes. . .Yes. . .

Let Us go together as


through every atom of the cosmos ~

changing them. . .changing them

into the NEW ~

yea. . .into their REALITY ~

their spiritual and true existence

their purity and



We are eager and waiting for THEE.


we hasten to complete the earthly tasks assigned by heaven

so We can


upon ALL that is Thine.

This, our Beloved, is our cry. . .our cry. . .

our hunger


Oh how we love Thee

beyond limits. . .




it shall spread everywhere



On my. . .the GLORY of GOD manifest

throughout the worlds until

every cell


Let it be so!

Come quickly LORD JESUS

Come quickly

for our human vessels

can no longer withstand

the incessant yearning

craving. . .gnawing HUNGER.

Yea this betrothal

must be consummated

and the GLORY spread

like FIRE in the WIND.

Holy Spirit


Breathe upon Us until We merge!

You, Beloved Spirit of GOD,

and Mother Wisdom

prepare the Bride.

Come ~ finish the work.

The price

~whatever it is~


is NOTHING to us


all we want is UNION with

our Betrothed.

Thank You, Holy Spirit.

The plea’s gone forth

and all creation

GROANS with us.


our corporate TRAVAIL and Thy Help,

Spirit of GOD

will bring it all to pass.

And it can be done in a second

a second. . .

Perhaps in this breath or the next. . .

Our eager hearts await



the explosive FORCE,

the CHANGE. . .

The New Jerusalem.

Amen. Amen.


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