Apr 18 2008

The New Age Movement

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The New Age Movement is difficult to define as a singular religion; it is a movement. As a theology there is nothing “new” about it as it is based on the concept that we are divine…the very same deception that the serpent in the Garden of Eden used to deceive Eve into mankind’s original sin. It appeals to SELF and thus to the PRIDE of life. The movement is a essentially a collection of eastern -influenced metaphysical thoughts, ideologies, and philosophies that are bound together by universal tolerance. All spiritual “masters” including Jesus are accepted as having made a valuable contribution. The New Age Movement is the result of the natural progression of secular-humanism. It teaches that human beings have evolved biologically (evolution) and also spiritually to the ultimate attainment of deity. All people are endowed with a divine presence, but not all have been “awakened” to this insight. The person of Jesus Christ has nothing to do with man’s return to a deified state. The term Spirit is used, but it does not refer to the Holy Spirit.Man himself is the central figure in the New Age Movement. He is viewed as divine and progressing toward a kind of godhood or “Christ-consciousness.” This term is the one most frequently used. One simply needs to tap into the universal and personal “Christ-consciousness” to be awakened to the fact of his own deity. God is seen in all things and most often in nature. God and nature are often equated so that a form of pantheism is implicated.

Many New Age practices are designed to guide man through the spiritual evolution needed to achieve godhood. Astral projection (the training of your soul to have out of body experiences…In Christianity, the Holy Spirit is able to take the soul/spirit into other realms…it is not a volitional act!), contacting “spirit guides,” using crystals to purify and balance the energy systems of the body, soul, and spirit (sometimes referred to as aura balancing), meditation, chanting, and drumming are among these practices. Most metaphysical people believe in Karma and reincarnation.

New Agers also use Christian terms because they view Jesus as a man who was the first to recognize His own deity; He was tuned into His “Christ-consciousness!” Others believe He simply excelled in spiritual evolution and progression. They are actually very beautiful and seductive teachings revolving around forgiveness, peace, love, and joy. As mature Christians we have hopefully been so purified that we too enjoy these fruits of the Holy Spirit. They see that all of mankind is becoming more spiritually evolved so that we will enter into a new age where we are all one and joined together in the bonds of love. Thus, they perceive the end result as we do except that the process is completely different. Neither Jesus nor the workings of the Holy Spirit are needed. (Please visit the blog “Union with God” on this website for a description of our process into a deified state). They do not acknowledge judgment on the Earth nor any tribulation or trouble prior to this new age or “Age of Aquarius.”

The following are some ways in which the New Age Movement differs from Christianity”


God is an impersonal force.

God is simply part of creation as we are.

There is no sin – only error or misunderstanding of truth.

Heaven and hell do not exist; they are states of mind.

Jesus is a man who exemplified “Christ-consciousness” and the

divinity that man is.


God is personal. He is our heavenly Father and the Creator of all things.

Because of original sin in the Garden of Eden, we are all born with a sinful nature.

Jesus Christ was the ultimate sacrificial Lamb of God Who died for our sins

(and became sin) once and for all.

There is a dark realm someplace as Jesus said there would be “weeping and gnashing

of teeth.”  The book of revelation describes a literal heaven, and Jesus invited the

thief on the cross beside Him into “Paradise.” We do not support the traditional belief

that this dark place of correction is eternal as we subscribe to the firm belief that through

the Atonement all of creation will be reconciled back to the Father.

Jesus is the Son of God and God incarnate. He is the Savior of all mankind…of all creation.

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Sometimes people in the New Age Movement make reference to the Holy Bible, but they pervert the Scriptures as will be seen in the next blog on A Course of Miracles. Their “bible” is in fact called A Course in Miracles which Oprah Winfrey is now teaching along with many other New Age doctrines. She is promoting Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra and additional leading New Age authors and speakers. Unfortunately, there are Kingdom ministers and teachers who are not only endorsing these people but claim they are “on the cutting edge of leading God’s people!”

These deceptions will be prayerfully presented in succeeding blogs on this website.

Bill and Elaine Cook have done some excellent writing on this topic. Please visit their website, “Gospel of the Kingdom” linked with my own to find related material.

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