Apr 05 2008

Shekinah GLORY

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It is late on the evening of Friday April 4, 2008. For three days now I have heard the Words “Glory, Glory, Glory.” It is so pronounced tonight, and I feel it raining down upon me. Whether this is actually happening to me or is a call to rise up and record the Words of our LORD, I do not claim to know. The anointing has been very strong for the past several days. This prophecy is similar to one posted on my website last week. He is saying:There are funnels or chutes of GLORY over certain ones sweeping across the lands to call them into an absolute surrender to My Will. It falls like rain upon them. . .a heavy pounding rain. . .a true STORM of My GLORY from which there is no escape. Yea I hold these hostage for a heart circumcision and the bestowing of the GOLDEN CROWN of the Mind of Christ. It provides a gateway for them into a new level of their walk with Me. All of heaven applauds as they behold this selective storm of GLORY rain; these chosen are the First Wave of My Firstfruit Sons and Daughters… being prepared. . .equipped with tremendous rapidity.  In the past these anointings have lifted, but I do a NEW THING – I seize and hold My bond slaves unto My Holy Breast, and I breathe the very Life and Spirit of Father into them. It is a CHANGE. . .not the redemption of the body but a transformation that will greatly facilitate that majestic event. So hold still as their Surgeon cuts deeply, yea wounds their very souls so they can emerge in total FREEDOM.  This is a freedom and victory march such as you never dreamed possible. These GLORY chutes allow the CROSS-over – note – the emphasis on CROSS for surely their private, unique Calgaries are implicated. Yet there is also a Calgary-Grace – yea a GRACE for ASCENSION of their spirits into a newer and much higher dimension. And with it comes a restoration of the POWER and AUTHORITY in which I walked during My earthly ministry. These perceive quickenings to ACT and MOVE with great speed, and they must be alert at all times and in all places regardless of the circumstances. Did you think that the dead could no longer be raised, the blind eyes not be given sight, the deaf ears be not opened, the sick not restored to perfect health? Dear children, the hour hast come for these signs and wonders and many more, for greater works shall they do than I ever demonstrated. Be mindful, this grace is bestowed upon just a FEW, and by their FRUITS shall you know them.“If you find yourself immersed in My GLORY PRESENCE right now. . .REJOICE!. . .for you are one step closer to full redemption of spirit, soul, and body. Within these rain clouds lie the seven Spirits of our mighty Father, and they are truly being imparted to those whose hearts have HUNGERED. . .HUNGERED. . .HUNGERED – waited with unrelenting PATIENCE and sought Me with clean hands and a pure heart. And if this particular GLORY shower has passed you by, prepare yourself for the next one coming right upon its heels, for I call wave upon wave now to RISE UP and BE GLORIFIED. You shall be able to manifest your Father’s GLORY at will as I did, yet your will shall be ONE with My Will. . .an answer to My prayer “Thy Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.”

“It is a birthing, dear Ones, and whether or not you are a part, REJOICE . .for all wondrous things are a SIGN unto you. I have My forerunners. Look to them and follow their lead for I surely reside in great fullness within these CHOSEN FEW. And through them the Shekinah is poured out over the Earth, throughout the universe, into the cosmic spheres, and ascends to these precious Ones gathered around My Throne. Those in waiting here rejoice for they too will be closer to completion! Think of it. Dream of it. Hope for it. BECOME it. If you are drawn by the Spirit resting heavily upon these Words, your DAY draweth nigh for the sake of My pitiful compressed and confounded Creation awaiting your redemption. Yes, their darkness shall be peeled away in the twinkling of an eye by the brightness, yea the BRILLIANCE of the LIGHT emanating from these SEALED VESSELS of REDEMPTION. All of Creation has paused, is alerted to this coming manifestation of My Sons and Daughters. Pause and think on these things for they are weighty. . .and they are for YOU.”

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  1. Joanneon 07 Apr 2008 at 12:51 pm

    A truly wondrous word…and yet, as I read along and came to the part asking if I felt that downpour of rain, wanted very much to say yes, but…could not. And then, as went along further, there was that encouraging word that said if I did not sense it now, fear not, for there will be wave after wave. For that I do long.
    An positive word coming from the heart of Father – one that lifts up, causes the heart to rejoice, to glorify Him who is at work in His people on the earth in this day.
    Thank you, dear one

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