Mar 09 2008

A Grace for Ascension

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My spirit was most high and lifted up when Yeshua spoke to me: Remember, thou art yet abiding here and not on Earth, My darling Bride. Come ~ live at HOME, and take thy ordained position in our Kingdom. Thou shalt find thyself both ascending and descending.These words were the expression of a needed invitation, and my response was one of deep gratitude as I spoke, Thank You, Beloved.The LORD has placed a type of pressing upward within me along with an anointing of letting go completely in order to see. In a spirit of heavenly desperation I petitioned Yaweh to please help me more vividly recall those times in eternity I knew I had been within his Heart. He said with such utter sincerity, gentleness, and assurance, Daughter, My beloved Daughter, You are in My Heart.. Simply open thine eyes, thine awareness, for yea it is ALL within thee. Allow the contents of an interior divine package to flow out. . . .be revealed. . .illumined to thy understanding. . . .for yea there are layers and layers and layers of treasures ~ interior treasures. Thou shalt recall, Daughter, and as ye do, ASCENSION occurs.

I perceived this to mean that Babylon would drop away as I continued to let go and become aware. As this false reality is stripped from me, I will become lighter and freer to ascend.

I was drawn up into such a high and altered state that I saw with great clarity as certain soul-spirits were generated from Father’s Heart. I watched as they flowed very simply and easily from this vast Heart-region. As the LORD had told me years ago that only three abided within the Holy Heart ~ JESUS, the Holy Spirit, and the Bride ~ I sensed I was given the awesome privilege of watching the generation of the BRIDE. Rarely have I been given to observe such a holy spectacle. As they continued to emerge, they took various forms and were sent to other regions in the heavenly realms. Here they were being prepared for their missions on earth. Father showed me this preparation had taken thousands, perhaps millions of years. How this can be measured in the eternal realms we cannot fathom. Time stands still here as it exists not.

This was followed by an experiential flowing right into Yeshua in a complete merger of our substances. Such a ONE-NESS there is, and in this ethereal spirit form, I watch saints in heaven as they freely flow into one another, merging together so as to form one being just as Yeshua and I had done. And it is possible and very natural for groups to merge and for the entire Christed body to merge ~ thus is the cry of our LORD’S Heart answered ~ that they all may be ONE.

It seemed to me so very possible for John the Baptist and Elijah to have so merged during John’s commission on Earth. The more soul-spirits who are taken into these mergers, the greater the POWER generated. In this way we come into the reality of spiritual agreement. How glorious. . .oh how glorious. . .yet as I participate in these things, it seems so utterly simple and natural.

Soon I was taken to see more of the BRIDAL COURT who were moving in perfect exquisite unity as they danced in worship before Yaweh. When they merged (I feel to call this divine fusion) a magnificent pillar of FIRE was erected before the Throne. It rose higher and higher, then it would become reduced or spread out or sway from side to side as fire in the Winds of GOD’S Spirit. Each spirit is able to separate from the corporate pillar shooting off as a divine spark. I watched as others encompassed her, and she began to leap, whirl, rise and fall as a LIVING FLAME of LOVE. It is the most exquisite worship form I have ever been given to see. Yea, it is a DANCE of FIRE, and participating in this worship filled me with the highest degree of divine ecstasy.

After a while I could no longer handle the intensity of the experience, and I bowed as low as possible before the Throne. I sensed this was a presentation of my very highest and best for Him, and from my being arose the sweetest smelling incense ~ that flowing from a LIVING SACRIFICE in total union with the GODHEAD. As the entire Court is thus positioned, their heavenly aroma fills the heavens depositing the LOVE SUBSTANCE over ALL.

I was reflecting upon some recent experiences of great rejection when the LORD spoke so very tenderly. . .His voice ever so intimate. Thou shalt be spit upon, abused, victimized, and finally nailed to the Cross even as I was, Sprout. The world, including most of the church, is unable to tolerate true BEAUTY ~ KINGDOM BEAUTY ~ that of the spirits generated from the Heart of our Father. They appreciate external beauty, but when something exquisite and rare and vibrating with THE LIFE enters their midst, the sweet heavenly fragrance of such a One is filtered through the jealous, lustful hearts of man, and that fragrance becomes a stench in their nostrils. For this reason, thou shalt be taken into the heavenly spheres so ye abide in both. As I said earlier, thou shalt be both ascending and descending. Oh My Sprout, words cannot express those things in store for thee and all of My Own Ones.

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