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Mar 29 2008

Enjoying the LORD

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This morning when I awoke, I was delighted by watching the little birds fluttering around my Aspen trees. “Yes,” I thought.,” spring is in their precious hearts. Then the LORD posed a question to me, “Is spring in your heart, Sprout? Is it there as a time of renewal, fresh resolutions, some interior housecleaning perhaps, and especially, a resolve to flex your spiritual muscles?” “Hmmmm, I thought,” I admit I haven’t been spending as much quality time with You, LORD, as I generally do. The pressures of this life, You know. . .” Well, what a feeble excuse that was, and I instantly made a firm resolve to clean up my life and pave the way for that quality time with the LORD and His Word that I need to arise out of my own earth and come into the fulness of Him, Whom my heart adores. He is my singular passion, but sometimes I feel that talking with Him as I move about is sufficient. We are each very different, but for me, He blesses me abundantly for waiting on Him and basking in His loving Presence. . .talking heart to Heart with Him. Yes, that is the greatest enjoyment in my life!

It is definitely the view of very mature saints that we must learn to practice the LORD’S divine Presence and enjoy Him no matter what state we are in at the time. Jeanne Guyon said, “All of the Lord’s children have been called to the enjoyment of God – an enjoyment that can be known in this life as in the life to come. Our state in that day will be one of eternal happiness in union with God. Our call in this life is the same.” Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ. I interpret her statement about the “the life to come” as meaning the Feast of Tabernacles into which we are now taking our first toddling steps. Therefore, it becomes doubly important for us to walk closely and very intimately with our LORD.

The LORD has called us a GARDEN. “[You have called me a garden, she said] Oh, I pray that the [cold] north wind and the [soft] south wind may blow upon my garden, that its spices may flow out [in abundance for you in whom my soul delights]. Let my beloved come into his garden and eat its choicest fruits.” Oh my, those are just such beautiful thoughts from the Song of Solomon 4:16. And in Chapter 6 the Bride declares, “I am my beloved’s [garden] and my beloved is mine! He feeds among the lilies [which grow there.]” Although we are all familiar with these Scriptures, it is my fervent prayer that He will give us each a unique and special fresh revelation of those lovely Words. . .along with the promise of a true and even eternal “springtime” in Him. So let us press on to become vessels who are consecrated, holy, walled-in lush gardens which belong to our promised Groom. WALLED IN. This implies a mighty fortress which we shall surely be needing in the days forthcoming upon the earth. I KNOW that it is this tender INTIMACY with JESUS, the Anointed ONE, that will keep us steady, peaceful, and at REST when all is falling down around us. AS you have discerned, this is my central message which I surely attempt to live in every way. That mighty fortress is JESUS CHRIST, the ROCK.

I have been given the delightful task of writing a synopsis of the “techniques” which Frank Laubach outlined for us in his book. It seems to me that incorporating these firmly into our walk will lift us out of every difficulty and prepare us for even worse times. Let us take up our cross daily and follow our LORD withersoever He goeth!! Dear Ones, this was His call to us!! To take up our cross. In so doing we shall find the GLORYof the LORD.

The following is a list of ways our dear brother Frank Luabach found helpful in his quest to maintain constant contact with the LORD, from Practicing His Presence by Brother Lawrence and Frank Laubach:

* Upon arising he described “a will act” in which he would compel his mind to open straight out toward God. “I wait and listen with determined sensitiveness. I fix my attention there, and sometimes it requires a long time early in the morning. I determine not to get out of bed until that mind set upon the Lord is settled.”

* Maintain an inner conversation with Him transforming your thoughts to conversation with God.

*Find God’s will and do it though every fiber of your being says no. Win the battle moment by moment.

*Maintain a conscious and continuous surrender.

*Make your walk a daily adventure ~ a voyage of discovery.

*The doing of God’s will perfectly makes the hour a perfect one.

“Strain does not seem to do good. At the moment I feel something ‘let go’ inside, lo, God is here! It is a heart-melting ‘here-ness,’ a lovely whispering of father to child, and the reason I did not have it before, was because I had failed to let go.”

*Wait for His thoughts and ask Him to speak.

*Maintain contact through a gentle pressure of the will.

** “We shall not become like Christ until we give Him more time.”

**Try to call the Lord to mind at least one second of each minute.”

*Invite Him to share everything you do or say or think.”

* When engaged in ordinary conversation, keep whispering inside a phrase such as “Lord, You are my life,” or “You are my thought.”

* When reading, keep a running conversation with Him about the pages you are reading. . .Make all thought a conversation with the Lord.

* Think of His hands flowing out through yours as you work.

* Hum or sing a favorite hymn or other spiritual song while cooking, cleaning, caring for children, washing dishes.


“The most important discovery of my whole life is that one can take a rough little cabin and transform it into a palace just by flooding it with God.” (FL)

“It is our duty to live in the beauty of God on some mount of transfiguration until we become white with Christ.” (FL)

“It is my business to look into the very face of God until I ache with bliss.” (FL)

From Brother Lawrence: “We ought to purpose ourselves towards this end: to become in this life the most perfect worshiper of God w can possibly be (since that is what we hope to be throughout all eternity.)”

I pray the LORD will anoint us with creative ways to enter into His depths and heights during this very important time in spiritual history. Enjoy a blessed springtime with newness of LIFE in HIM!

In His LOVE,


I simply must add one of my very favorite, most meaningful Scriptures:

And all of us, as with unveiled face, [because we] continued to behold [in the Word of God] as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are constantly being transfigured into His very OWN IMAGE in ever increasing splendor and from one degree of glory to another, [for this comes] from the Lord (Who is] the Spirit.” II Cor. 3:18

Let us wait patiently, BEHOLD and BECOME (like Him)!

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