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Mar 24 2008

A Tidal Wave of GLORY

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The LORD speaks, “Loosen your GRIP on everything you hold dear in the Earth , for yea I say unto you there is a TIDAL WAVE of My GLORY coming forth. If you are not detached, you run the risk of missing this wave. It is so high, so lofty, so full of My awesome and overcoming Power, it will go running right over you if you are not prepared to ride it. Yea this mighty wave will take you withersoever I will. Have you truly made a commitment to follow the LAMB wheresoever He goeth? I AM the WAVE. Thus your failure to go with Me, flow with Me, and ride the Wave of My GLORY will mean you are positioning yourself outside of My Will. Only those who have prepared themselves, sought me, communed with Me, lavished me with LOVE, pressed into higher dimensions of My Spirit and thus achieved detachment from all people, places, and things will GO. Others will come later as they are equipped and have been ordained. So listen to My warning today. . .those sensing the Firstfruits call. . .it is coming. . .the hour approaches. . .so complete your preparations and disregard the price. Prepare your heart in advance. Examine your hearts. Are you truly willing to pay the PRICE for the high calling in CHRIST the LORD? Be truthful and lay your thoughts before Me. Share your emotions with Me so I can give you My MIND. Commune with Me so I can pour My LOVE into You for you to return it to Me. . .thus the LOVE-BOND is sealed and you will leap with vigor upon this WAVE. All thoughts and emotions which could hinder the fulfillment of your destiny will have been cleansed because of your honesty before Me. This NEW DAY brings both opportunities and tests… Indeed, it will divide asunder. Beloved. . .this is a clarion call!”As I inquired of the LORD regarding more details, He spoke: “There will be time to prepare, Sprout. I AM a GOD of PEACE and ORDER. Satan is the author of confusion. Press into Me and you will be given a certainty. . .a knowing. . .peace and JOY. You are not one with attachments. I have seen to it that you have none. Your heart is for me and Me alone. Divine health comes to you and could precede this wave, so it will not be a concern.

“Many who have been concealed will be lifted out of their concealment during this period, but they will walk in a divine covering invisible to destructive forces. For others it will take them into an even greater concealment as the WAVE lifts them up into an ascension state. . .to a position of even higher level intercession and spiritual warfare with the very troops of heaven. Oh what a glorious wave this is! How My Heart rejoices to see that release is close at hand. My people will move…move… move. . .and truly behave as the born again believers they are. . .as the wind. . .as the wind ‘which bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth; so is every one that is born of the Spirit.’ Those born of My Spirit and nearing completion, in LOVE-UNION with Me will ride this Wave ~ for so it is ordained.” DS

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