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Jan 28 2008

SNOW . . .God in ALL

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Today I awakened to an unusual casting of light in my bedroom which drew me quickly to the windows to open the blinds ~ and there, everywhere, was the most spectacular sight. . .SNOW. This was a rich, heavy snow that, while still falling in large flakes, had flocked my Blue Spruce and Aspen trees so that limbs and boughs were bent beneath its weight.

“Father,” I said, “oh Father, this is just so glorious, for in the exquisite beauty outside I am given to see only You and My Beloved Jesus through Whom all things were made! (Genesis 1 and John 1:1-4) It was Sunday, and I had the luxury of turning on my worhsip music, curling up with my body pillow and gazing out of my windows at this spellbinding scene.

“In this,” I repeated, ” I see only You, Lord. That You, Father could create an unfathomable amount of cystals with no two the same and bring us the luxury of a snowy day like this one. Lord, this speaks to me of Your covering or banner over me ~ as a white crystalline cloak, pure and full of love, and of such a weight that it causes me to bow low and exclaim, ‘My Lord and My God!'” Though my sins be as scarlet, I shall be white as snow (Is. 1:18) because of the covering of Your Righteousness over me!”

I lay there in a blissful peace reflecting on many things of God and how we could see Him and His handiwork in everything through the Mind of Christ within us. I was given the knowing that we could look into the eyes of our spouses and children and children’s children and see Jesus and His Father. And into the eyes of our pets and even wild animals and find Him! And into the eyes of our neighbors and all whom Father chooses to bring to us and see Him. For we who are called and chosen of God have been given the eye of the Spirit which penetrates any darkness to see only LIGHT! “In Him was Life, and the Life was the Light of men. And the Light shines on in the darkness, for the darkness has never overpowered it [put it out or absorbed it. . .] ” John 1: 4,5

While I lay there reflecting thus, the little birds leaped among the branches as if relishing in this moisture ~ yea, in their Creator. Yes, I had put food out for them and will refill the feeder today as their natural food supplies might be scarce. Yet, does not scripture tell us that Father’s eye is on each little sparrow? (Matthew 10:29) If His eye is on the sparrow, should not our eye, which is rapidly becoming the fullness of His eye looking out through our own, also see the “sparrow?”

By implication the sparrow, being such a plain, abundant, and ordinary little bird represnts the “least of these.”

“And the King will reply to them, Truly I tell you, in so far as you did it for one of the least [in the estimation of men] of these My brethren, you did it for Me.” We all know that this scripture follows Jesus’ lesson regarding the separation of the sheep from the goats.

“Then the King will say to those at His right hand, Come you blessed of My Father [you favored of God and appointed to eternal salvation], inherit (receive as your own) the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world. For I was hungry and you gave Me food, I was thristy and you gave Me something to drink. I was a stranger and you brought Me together with yourselves and welcomed and entertained and lodged Me. I was naked and you clothed Me, I was sick and you visited Me with help and ministering care, I was in prison and you came to see Me. Then the just and upright will answer Him, Lord, when did we see You hungry and gave You food, or thirsty and gave You something to drink,. . .? ” (Matthew 25: 33-46) The Lord was not simply talking about His followers here; He was referring to ALL men, women, and children whom He called His brethren. Is this not a beautiful scripture implying to the restitution of all things?

Am I able to see the least now? Am I drawn by His Heart throbbing within me to minister unto the least? And do I behold all of His glorious Creation and learn of His ways through it? And do I look into every eye and see Him so that my heart can leap and exclaim, “Behold, the Lamb of God!?”

I do hope so, dear brothers and sisters. And that is my prayer for us today ~ that we can definitely look into the eyes and hearts of one another and out into the world to the “least” and see our Beloved ~ that we might be heavy (even as the boughs covered with the purity of SNOW) with the Love of God ~ yea so heavy and compressed by that love that it would flow out over all that He made as a mighty flood encompassing the worlds without end toward the redemption of ALL through the Way. . .(the Blood of) Jesus. Amen.



This morning (the following day) there were mighty icicles hanging from my eaves, glistening in the majestic Sun (Son,) and pointing towards the earth. “Heaven is thy home, Sprout, but earth is thy footstool. In heaven we dance, worship, commune, receive instruction, and gather around the fires of Father’s Heart as a Family. Then We go together to bring back the sons of men…We work the Earth.

“One day, Child, ye shall descend to that dark and torturous realm described by Me where men’s suffering seems eternal, but We shall enter with Bold Love and touch them, and they shall fall at Our feet, and they shall weep a new brand of tears. Thus We shall gather them up into Our arms and Our own tears will intermingle with theirs. . .the tears of unspeakable JOY. And this, Daughter, shall be only a small portion of the reward of those who overcome and attain unto the First Resurrection. Hold this vision in thy heart for it shall empower thee to come up hither and surrender ALL to achieve thy Prize. . .even Union with Me, and Oour Love-Force shall sweep the cosmos as a mighty magnet, and We shall hear them cry out, ‘Jesus, Jesus, Yeshua, Yeshua, Son of the Most High God, Thou art truly my Messiah!’

“And then We shall lead them Home through that same narrowing pathway which thou hast chosen to take and ascend. . .Home clean and freed by My Blood into the waiting Arms of Father with His Heart exploding with JOY over His wayward sons’ and daughters’ return.

“Canst thee await this great pleasure, My Sister, My Spouse? Hang on for the Day of its Dawning is as close as a breath or a heartbeat! How I rejoice to behold the ascent of My eagles!” Hallelujah!!

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Jan 22 2008

The Blood of JESUS

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On the morning of January 19, 2008, I was given a powerful prophetic dream surrounding the Blood of JESUS and spiritual enlargement. As I launch into a description of the dream, please allow me to introduce the characters by name with the meanings of their names as this is pertinent to our understanding:

Uncle Don: “World mighty” and “World ruler” (the Latin form of Don is Donito meaning “A Gift”)

Aunt Evelyn: (from Eve) “Life giving”

Auntie Jeanne: “God is gracious”

Diana: “Divine One”

Thus we begin with an interesting, spiritual cast of characters!

Although I will be inserting interpretations of the dream as they were given to me by the LORD upon awakening, it went as follows:

My Aunt Evelyn and Uncle Don, who live in California and are very wealthy by virtue of having made a fortune buying, restoring, and selling property, had apparently purchased a little cottage for me on what appeared to be a type of resort island. Initially I felt this was a rather upper class community, but as the dream progressed, I came upon many poor and needy CHILDREN. Indeed my aunts, uncle, and myself were the only four adults seen within this town! (Please refer here to the publication on this website entitled “The Feast of Tabernacles” in which the LORD made mention of CHILDREN in several places through prophecy and in vision.) I felt that in this dream “children” represented both those immature, unsanctified parts of ourselves and our spiritual (or natural)children both in this realm and in the realm even upon us, yea the Reign of Christ. They are the final harvest of souls we are now being prepared to deliver from the grip of death. The Word of God says there are “many saviors.” As we know the manifest Sons of God shall indeed go forth with our Elder Brother JESUS to cleanse, deliver, and restore all of these children (and the entire creation) to their place in God.

Aunt Evelyn and Uncle Don were laboring over the restoration and enlargement of this cottage. From the front it appeared as a one bedroom shack, but as one entered there began to be numerous, rather grand rooms to behold. This part speaks to me of spiritual enlargement. (See Is. 54: 2,3) It almost immediately became apparent to me upon awakening and recording this dream that the cottage represented our own habitation, our bodies, the Temple of the Holy Spirit, which is now being enlarged for the days to come! Although we appear as “little shacks” to the world, when one steps within there is a palatial dwelling not quite comparable to the temple described for Ezekiel (Chapers 40 to the end of the Book), but similar. “The Kingdom of God is within you!”

Now while Uncle Don (Whom I immediately realized represented JESUS) was working, He was continually setting up enormous jugs of blood upon the mantle over the fireplace or hearth. The hearth to me represents the very center of the home or our temples. . .even the Holy of Holies. Our center would be in the area of our solar plexus region and near our heart. God told us He would give us a new heart replacing the stony heart with a heart of FLESH. . .”sensitive and responsive to the touch of their God.” Amplified Ez. 11:19 As the dream progressed, Uncle Don had lifted appoximately five such jugs of blood up on to the mantle…five being the number of GRACE. I stood there and beheld them with several little children gathered around me, and I inquired of Him when the Blood was to be used. He responded, “Whenever and wherever it is needed!”

Several times throughout the dream I was shown rows of shoes in the entry foyer ranging in size from little children’s shoes to those of mature men and women. Shoes and feet are always symbolic of our spiritual WALK with the LORD. So this Blood was pertinent to all stages of our walk even on to maturity. . .and I surmise into the eternal realms where there is spiritual advancement. I believe that the Blood of JESUS is to be used in those higher realms also. Surely the souls in hell would need to come to an understanding of the eternal Cross and the Blood. Herein lies a very deep Truth. (Apparently the shoes in the foyer were to be removed at the doorway to keep the cottage [or temple] clean.)

Throughout this process, my Aunt Evelyn (Life-giver. . .a spouse of JESUS) kept appearing as a co-laborer with Uncle Don (World-ruler), but I persisted in calling Evelyn Auntie Jeanne (“God is gracious”) who is my Aunt Evelyn’s sister and was killed in a horrible automobile accident along with her husband and my grandmother many years ago. Auntie Jeanne will always be remembered by me for her extensive work with the Red Cross in Germany during World War II. It is interesting that we, of course, associate the Red Cross with blood! So it was apparently Auntie Jeanne that I was actually seeing rather than my Aunt Evelyn as I continually called Evelyn Jeanne, and Jeanne had come back from BEYOND THE VEIL to reveal the importance and impact of the Blood of her Spouse, JESUS CHRIST! As we are needed for those beyond the veil to come forth, so they are providing us with revelation which will enable the change that will make it possible for the saints on both sides of the veil to join together for the reaping of the final harvest of souls. This is a beautiful concept and worthy of printing out here from Hebrews 11: 39, 40. (Amplified)

“And all of these, though they won divine approval by [means of] their faith, did not receive the fulfillment of what was promised. Because God had us in mind and had something better and greater in view for us, so that they [these heroes and heroines of faith] should not come to perfection apart from us [before we could join them].” I find this a breathtaking and powerful Scripture which brings tears to my eyes. . .the kind induced by overwhelming humilty to think that these great ones cannot reach perfection before us! Oh my, just the thought of it should make us tremble!

To continue on now,when all was beautifully established and embellished on the interior of my dwelling place, Uncle Don began to methodically plant magnificent trees all about this home. Throughout Scripture trees speak to us of people! I kept remarking about how perfectly spaced and orderly it all appeared. My reflections revealed that this referred to the true Body of Christ being perfectly fitted together to form the glorious spiritual House of the Living Stones. We all know the Scriptures regarding this process which has even now begun.

After the trees were planted, my Aunt and Uncle were leaving me (Diana-“Divine One”) in the glorified home (my house and the LORD’S temple) which had been enlarged (to encompass more spiritual territory) and left me in charge of all of these children (the lost)! Please allow me to just muse a bit about the distinct probability that this scenario refers to the “change” (because of the meaning of my name) and that somehow the Blood of JESUS was to by used by me for the redemption of the lost. Let us reflect upon these things and continue to seek revelation, although we will soon BECOME the revelation itself. We do not have to understand each one of God’s ways. . .He simply carries us along as we surrender our wills, our all.

The important elements in this prophetic dream were those of spiritual enlargement (or preparation) which speaks of our being given increasingly greater areas of spiritual authority (although it is HIS authority) and this home, which is HIS temple, and those huge jars of Blood on the mantle over the hearth TO BE USED! They were not sitting there as relics of some past event – oh no, I was instructed by Don, the mighty world Ruler, even JESUS, the CHRIST of GOD, to apply it wherever, whenever it was needed for both myself and all of those needy children who are yet to come through by way of the Cross and the Blood! While lying in bed recording the dream, the LORD spoke thus to my heart. . .that His Blood was an eternal, yea everlasting POWER-FORCE over us and within us. Wow! A dear friend of mine, Rosemary Garzon, had an experience, (whether in the body or without) of actually viewing, as if looking through to its very essence, a large mass similar to a lava flow. At first she was not certain what it was she was given to view experientially, but it was soon revelaled to her that it was the very Blood of our Lamb JESUS CHRIST! It appeared as a type of reddish-burgundy-perhaps a new color altogether, and the mass was moving powerfully as a lava flow would full of sparkles and very much alive and vibrant.

Thus, these bottles of Blood speak to us of something mighty, of vital importance, life giving, full of mercy and grace. . .yea that of the Lamb of God Who died for my sins and yours, for the reconciliation of all CREATION, down to the very last cell and atom, back to GOD! The story is just too magnificent for words is it not!? Isn’t it awesome? And to think there is even more on this Blood to be revealed to us as we shall be needing it. Remember the refrain, “There is POWER, POWER, POWER in the Blood of the Lamb!? And I believe even more than we currently know dear saints. Hallelujah! To be a part of the greatest LOVE STORY ever told or known is an overwhelming wonder and grace. How very blessed we are brothers and sisters. . .to be called and chosen. Let us strive to live up to that election and “press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.” (Phil 3:14)


I also feel to remark here that with the abundance of deceiving doctrines, we can test the spirits by looking for the central messages of our Faith ~ original sin, the Cross, and the Blood. When these are left out, we do not have Christianity. It is as simple as that! We are reading something of a New Age nature. Please trust one of your sisters who has been brought through it all!

Lovingly yours, diana

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Jan 19 2008

A Reassuring Gift from Heaven

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(Taken from a short publication entitled “The Dawning of the Sacred” to be published in my new book “Walking in the Wings of GLORY.”)

Just last week I found myself in an ongoing vision in which I stood in the wings of the stage of life aware that circumstances and the will of God had removed me from the activities of the world. At that time it seemed a sad and empty place. . .dark and alone. But then I began to worship in that bleak darkness, and before long I was given to behold the magnificent Cloud of Witnesses who stand waiting for our completion. They were rejoicing in my worship as if they knew more than I about the impact of worship. As I continued, the glory becoming stronger and stronger, they moved toward me until my entire living space was filled with these Lovers of JESUS. And then we all worshiped together. Hallelujah! What a glorious time we had!

Yeshua came around behind me and pointed up. The very heavens had opened to reveal the Father in all of His awesome Light, and LIFE, and Love. All were now weeping in the blessed heaviness of this incredible anointing. Oh the work this must have been doing within us!

JESUS took me out from among the beautiful throng of saints, and together we stood before Father Who said, “My Son, My Daughter.” Then He opened the doors of His Heart! In order to proceed, I had to merge with Yeshua as no one can enter this place who is not in full union with the Messiah. (Please remember this is a translation experience, and I make no claim to be walking in His full stature. ds) Within I stood in a magnificent FIRE that touched me not. I seemed transfixed there in a state of absolute awe for a long, long time. This was the very center of the universe! And it virtually throbbed with the glory of our magnificent GOD! Father said, “No one can come here who is not AT ONE MENT with My Beloved Son.”

I asked Father when the Day of the LORD would come ~ when would all of this wickedness be consumed. He said, “It is not for thee to know, dear one. Curiosity is not becoming in this hour. Stand where thou art and REST in that place, then thou shalt be prepared for the consumption.”

“The consumption?” I asked. “Yes Daughter, the consumption of every single thing that is not AT ONE MENT with the Messiah ~ My Son.”

(At this point I must insert the quotation appearing at the beginning of this publication by author T.S. Eliot)

“What might have been and what has been

Point to one end, which is always present,

Footfalls echo in the memory

Down the passage which we did not take

Towards the door we never opened. . .”

Father’s words left me in a place of rest and satisfaction, but what was the door I have failed to open? Now I knew what that haunting desperation was. It was the PRIZE of the high calling of God (Phillipians 3:14) which is preceded by verse 11 from the Amplified, “That if possible I may attain to the [spiritual and moral] resurrection[that lifts me] out from among the dead [even while in the body].”

Of course the DOOR referred to in Eliot’s poem was also interpreted by me to mean JESUS. Yet I was concerned that the price I had paid thus far was insufficent.

The Father said, “Prices are assigned, dear one. Some are martyred, others imprisoned, many slandered and abused, but a large percentage are simply being removed from the systems of this world so they can enter the Reign of Christ. . .It is a very hard place ~ more difficult than an obvious heroic act resulting in death. Death to self is more painful than physical death as all ye hold dear must be surrendered to Me. Thou shalt receive the summons, if ye wait silently, alert, always listening intently for my Call. Never feel left out. My plans for thee have been ordered and will be fulfilled at the appointed times.” (Beginning with full union with God. . .ds)

Thus I could rest in my allotment. And so can you, dear saints. Be at peace and alert in the wings. The wings of the natural life shall be transformed into Father’s Wings of Glory, so allow them to lift you up into the realm of true LIFE.”

(Let us remember, however, that the LORD has given us a free will. In this time of deceiptful doctrines and temptations of all kinds, we must be intent on running towards that PRIZE!)


I felt this writing fit in very beautifully with the places described in the previous postings “The Cliff Dwellers,” and with “The Midnight Passage.” It has been a time of reflection for me to determine where I might be falling short in the areas of preparedness and forsaking the worldly dimension. Let us continue to meditate upon these grave principles which the Word makes so very clear. Lord God, we cry out to Thee for deeper revelation of Your Word every step of the way!” Amen.

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Jan 12 2008

Lean On Me

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Do not try to force anything. . .just BE. . .simply BE. Do not attempt to understand nor work out your situations with your natural mind; simply be present with ME moment to moment. The instant you say ”I am unable,” is when I draw close to empower you with My Spirit. Lean on Me. Acknowledge My sovereignty in all things for your ways are NOT My Own. Trust me, Child. Trust in My Wisdom and My Counsel.


Lean on Me. . .Lean on Me. . .
I AM the SHEPHERD Who carries the sheep.
I AM the ONE Who seeks out the lost.
I AM the ONE who is able
when thou art not.
Lean on Me. . .lean on Me. . .

I AM thy STRONG ARM in all situations.
I AM thy clear mind midst confusion.
I AM thy COMFORTER in despair.
I AM thy LIGHT shining in the darkest hour.
I AM thy HOPE when downcast.
Lean on ME!

I AM thy HEAD at all times.
I AM thy eternal connection with GOD. . .the WAY. . .
I AM ALPHA and OMEGA.. . .Thou canst lean on ME.

I AM ALL in ALL to thee
and thou art essential to Me. . .
even at thy weakest
even at thy darkest
even at thy lowest
even at thy ugliest

At all times and places and in all seasons
thou art precious to ME. . .
Please . . .Lean on ME. . .




“Let the beloved of the LORD rest secure in Him, for He shields him all day long, and the one the LORD loves RESTS between His shoulders.” (Deut. 33:12)

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Jan 12 2008

A Sister on a Mission

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Several years ago as I walked out of Wal Mart, I happened to pass a middle aged man and woman. She was walking very unsteadily with a cane and, because she wore shorts, I could see that her legs were quite emaciated. Suddenly these Words were dropped into my heart:

That woman you see is MY BRIDE.”

Wow! Wow!! Yes, I SEE!!! She was clearly passing through this baptism of utter helplessness that we each have to go through somewhere in our walk with the LORD. Although her body appeared to be deteriorating, she was doing the best she could. The man was symbolic of the LORD Who stands right by her side lest she stumble and begin to fall. He will not allow that to happen, and if she is no longer able to navigate on her own, He will carry her through all ordained for her to endure in her processing unto perfection. “Pure GOLD,” I reflected. “Pure GOLD within.”

This woman was not attractive. The world was passing her by as she went unnoticed in this crowd. Yet I did take note; The Christ within me rose up instantly, looked upon her and saw His Beloved . . .incognito. Through His eyes I watched as she was taken through the most glorious transformation becoming ravishing, whole, Christed. . .a QUEEN for her KING. Furthermore I KNEW she was already incredibly ravishing to HIM, although I doubt she knew it nor even felt His Presence much of the time!!

Oh my GOD, how I needed to see this sister, for in her I was able to see myself and so many others. Her precious mission was to give me HOPE. Bless her abundantly, Father, and pour Your LOVE upon her. Tell her that she IS indeed useful to You!! You gave her a hidden mission. …hidden from her own awareness or understanding. Such tasks will surely keep us humble.

Beloved in Christ, let us stand in our sometimes awkward, restricted, seemingly unfruitful places and praise GOD for using us in ways unbeknowns’t to us. Surely He wastes nothing, and the willing heart of the dying saint is being employed for His Own GLORY. May we also be faithful to remind one another that in the driest places and darkest hours of our journey, the Holy Spirit is doing the greatest work of preparation. The Seed of Christ is being nourished as our souls are cleansed for their final absorption into the Spirit of GOD within. Praise You Father!! Wondrous. . .truly wondrous are Your ways!


“Thou hast ravished my heart, my sister, my spouse.”

“Who is this who comes from the wilderness leaning upon her beloved?”


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Jan 10 2008

The Midnight Passage

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This has been your time of restoration, saith the LORD; do not feel pressured. My anointing is carrying you as smoothly as an ocean wave takes a surfer. Follow the WAVE of My Anointing. If the sea is calm, it is time to rest and simply receive My LOVE. (We’ve been given many words about the importance of receiving God’s love right now. Some have old memories, hurts, and resentments which hinder this. (May I please encourage you to allow the LORD, perhaps with someone in the Body, to help you deal with these as we cannot receive the Heart of the Father until we are free. . .ds)

It is time for the “five virgins” to advance forward. Pay little heed to the things of this world…. detach with love. Preserve your extra oil. Yea, guard it, for you will be needing it in the new dimension. . .the NEW DAY which is even now bursting within you.

This is a quiet, secret exodus. Keep your faces covered and erase your tracks as your Bridegroom calls you into His court. Do not be afraid of changes in the spiritual atmosphere surrounding you or of a new level of spiritual attainment. The enemy waits to distract, torment, and hold you back in a wide variety of ways, but My magnetic love force will pull you through.

Guard your thoughts and your senses. Keep your eye SINGLE. . .SINGLE. Limit your duties to the essentials as extra busy-ness will serve to prolong your flight. (“With two wings they doth fly”… Please see Norene Nichol’s article on the “Seraphims included on this website under “Related Articles.”) You cannot afford to be buried beneath great activity, over-involvement with earthly family, or the problems of this world. Cast all of your cares upon Me and allow Me to fight your battles for you. Melt into My arms, for if the approach becomes too difficult, I shall be there to carry you. (Hallelujah! ds)

It is your undivided ATTENTION and OBEDIENCE I seek. Walk in love and forgiveness with all people. . .each has his own path and comes with his rank and order. Be at PEACE. There is a grace for this at the time.

No one will know you are traversing the realms. There is no need to share it. Yea, this could give the enemy power to deter you as he hears your voice. Remember this in ALL of your affairs. Never empower him, but resist him with all your might for he will flee from you.

Practice silence and solitude. The hour is SACRED, and it must not be ignored by the few who have been called and have chosen this path. It is the hour of the MIDNIGHT PASSAGE. Let the covering of My darkness conceal you. Take shelter beneath the shadow of My Wings.

This is not a period for works or even allowing your light to shine before men. . .although you must continue to minister as I move through you remaining in My perfect will.

Come forth, My Beloved. Come forth. My angels guard your way. Look straight ahead. COME ~ let LOVE draw thee through the beauty and magnificence of this dark and divine passage. Your Bridegroom eagerly awaits thee with a hungry heart.

(Please meditate upon the Parable of the Ten Virgins. . .Matthew 25:1 ff)

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Jan 09 2008

The Cliff Dwellers

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This week the abodes of the ancient people known as Indian cliff dwellers loomed before me in vision. As a teenager my family drove through Mesa Verde National Park and viewed these ancient ruins. Finally last night I decided to go online to see if I could more fully discover what it was Father was trying to convey to me through this vision. An article was written by John McGregor who beautifully described the ascent from the plains up the mesas as a type of “leaving the world and all of its cares behind.”

( “Come out from her, my people, so that you may not share in her sins, neither participate in her plagues…” Rev. 18:4) (“Flee out of the midst of Babylon…Jer. 50:8) He and his fellow travelers felt invigorated and very FREE (“So if the Son liberates you [makes you free men] then you are really and unquestionably free.” Jn. 8:36) stating that even the hot desert sun (Son) was welcome in this lovely dry climate. They journeyed up on mules, the only animals suited to navigate the increasingly narrow trails (the narrow road that leads to LIFE! Matt. 7: 13,14) leading to the abodes of these primitive people. All they could carry was plenty of water, sufficient food (most likely dried), and a blanket upon which they could stretch out at night and look at the glorious skies above with its brilliant stars. As he described things, it clearly sounded like Paradise, and they were so unencumbered.


McGregor wrote that these caves were situated near a spring and often above a river valley (yea even that of the River of LIFE!). Most were inaccessible from above (Satan and his legions) and had to be entered by either removable ladders or by hand and foot holds cut into the cliff faces. As home sites these cliff dwellings, perched high in ledges of the canyons, were virtually inaccessible to outsiders and were easily defensible against nomadic, predatory people (the enemy!). These people lived in community, and one must assume that, as with all impoverished ones, they shared what they had.


Does this not describe where many of us feel we are today? No longer of this world in any way, living in the cleft of the rock, in simplicity and childlike innocence, and being fitly joined together with those brethren of our own rank and order (or sphere)? (In Him the whole structure is joined (bound, welded) together harmoniously, and it continues to rise (grow, increase) into a holy temple in the Lord [ a sanctuary dedicated, consecrated, and sacred to the presence of the Lord]. Eph: 2:21) It defines the freedom from the hustle and bustle of this crowded, noisy, world around us. While we are getting to know our brothers and sisters in Christ more intimately and receiving that final “infusion” of His nature (please refer to the prophecy in “The Feast of Tabernacles” publication from last October), we still look up to the TOP of that mesa where we shall take our first steps as fully matured , Christed Sons and Daughters of God.


Even now some of us are traversing the realms, and this is done because we have a body of flesh and a spiritual body. (I Cor. 15:44) It is the spiritual body that ascends into other dimensions to be blessed with glimpses of things past, present, and future (in a timeless realm). When we are walking at the very top of this mesa, I am given to see that all will easily and freely be taken by the Holy Spirit up and down and anywhere in the cosmos, going as the wind ( John 3:8) on commissions ordained by Father to return all of creation back to Him! Oh the GLORY of it all.

I was greatly touched as I read some more on these people and came across the prayer of an Indian chief:


“Oh, Great Spirit, whose voice I hear in the winds and whose breathing gives life to all the world, hear me. I come before you, one of your many children. I am weak and small. I need your strength and wisdom. Let me walk in beauty and make my eyes ever to behold the orange and red of the sunrise. My ears sharp so I may hear your voice. Make me wise, so I may learn the things you have taught my people, the lessons you have hidden under every rock and leaf. I seek strength, not to be superior to my brothers, but to be able to fight my greatest enemy…myself. (Is that not an awesome insight? ds) Make me ever ready to come with you with clean hands (implying a pure heart. . .ds) and straight eyes (dove’s eyes. . .ds), that I may always walk in your light.”


This beautiful prayer from one who did not know our Redeemer was clearly to Yaweh, and it was almost like he had read the scriptures! It brings tears to my eyes knowing that here in the eternal realms is our brother. . .soon to be in Christ! And he had obtained these insights away from a city out in the wilds where Father could truly speak to him and even impart His Wisdom to him ~.for that is the cry of his heart! I do not believe he could yet be blessed with Father’s nature for that must come through salvation under the precious shed blood of JESUS.


Thus is the lesson of the cliff dwellers; not only where we are in our sojourn upwards, in our spiritual positioning and joining, but in the various stages of our metamorphosis. I felt that the various levels of the caves represented those individual stages of our death to self, but regardless of the level, we all work together for the betterment of each other, encouraging, edifying, building up, pulling and pushing up. . .higher and higher. . .oh so high until we emerge from our secret places, take hold of those ledges in the rock cliff, ascend to the summit, spread our wings and . . .FLY…yet higher. . .right into GOD. He in us and we in Him. .. .forever and ever. Amen and Hallelujah!



Finally the answer to our LORD’S prayer: “That they all may be one, [just] as You, Father, are in me and I in You, that they also may be one in Us, so that the world may believe and be convinced that You have sent Me.” Jn: 17:21

Eternally yours in Christ JESUS,


Your little sister,


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